Bedtime or Bartime? This Izakaya in Japan Lets You Sip on Sake and Sleep on Futon Beds

Bedtime or Bartime? This Izakaya in Japan Lets You Sip on Sake and Sleep on Futon Beds

Located in Osaka, this futon izakaya lets you dine, wine and snooze for cheap!

Ever wanted to snooze off mid-drinks at a bar? Well, now you can now. Osaka is now home to an futon izakaya, which certainly casts a whole new meaning to the term “food coma”. Called Taishuu Sakaba Hirotaya Ni-Go, which translates to “drinking spot for the masses”, the izakaya (translates to drinking tavern) intends to rent out mattresses for S$6.18 (500 yen) per 20 minutes. This charge also entitles you to complimentary banana chips and even a lavender-scented heat pack to ease you into slumber.

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It might seem like an odd concept but it might just take off In Japan. The locals often host social drinking events (whether for business or leisure) and it is not uncommon for them to have multiple, extended after-parties. Having a place to recharge between each party is thus, a dream. 

True to its cosy theme, its food menu features comfort food dishes such as garlic stir-fried tomato with prawn scrambled eggs at S$5.81 (480 yen) and homemade banana milk pudding S$3.96 (320yen). Yum!

The owners of this unique tavern have mentioned that the concept makes perfect sense for their business, as the place was previously a futon store called Hirotaya. Good food, drinks and a place to sleep off the stupor? We’re sold. Hey, the nice futon touch might ironically help you to keep going all night long!

Address: Osaka-fu, Osaka-shi Yodogawa-ku Jusohonmachi 1-9-17
Opening Hours: 3 pm to 3 am (Mon to Fri), 12pm to 12am (weekends)
Phone: 050-5456-4043

Visit their official website here

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