Top 5 Most Interesting MRT Stations in Singapore to Visit

Top 5 Most Interesting MRT Stations in Singapore

The undiscovered charms of Singapore’s MRT stations!

With six Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) lines in operation and plans for another two, the rapidly expanding public transport system in Singapore serves over three million daily commuters throughout the island. However, did you know that some MRT stations have incorporated unique features and designs into their station structure? Here are five interesting MRT stations in Singapore with unique architecture that you may or may not have known about.

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1.  Bras Basah (CC2)

bras basah mrt station singapore

Image credit: Jnzl’s Photos

While this escalator pales in comparison to Hong Kong’s Central Mid-Levels Escalator, it still takes nearly an entire minute to ride on the full length of the escalator. Inspired by Piranesi’s ‘Carceri’ prints, this station is located 35 metres below ground and has multiple columns spanning across the width of the station. 

The station roof also doubles up as a skylight that casts light into the otherwise dark and disorganised labyrinth of struts. Apart from just looking artistic, the roof has a practical purpose too. During times of emergency, it provides a clear and direct view for commuters to locate the exits. 

With such iconic architecture, this place is great for those who are interested in experimenting with their cameras.

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2.  Bencoolen (DT21)

This station takes the crown of being the deepest underground MRT station in Singapore. Comprising six levels, the station has a curved interior decked out in earth-tone colours to resemble the layered earth striations of the nearby Fort Canning Hill. 

For commuters opting to take the lift to the platform, maroon-tinted lift shafts help to create an added perception of descending into the ground. 

3.  Expo (CG1/DT35)

singapore expo

Image credit: Benoit Mortgat

This iconic station makes heads turn with its futuristic appearance. The East-West Line passenger concourse is sheltered by a 130-meter long shell-shaped roof while the adjacent ticketing office is located below a stainless-steel dish resembling a UFO. 

With titanium cladding and a reflective ceiling, the roof helps to deflect the sun’s rays while reflecting the daylight into the station, keeping commuters cool amidst the hot and humid climate. 

With the Singapore Expo being just one stop away from Changi Airport, make this your final stop before heading to the airport for your flight.

4.  Stadium (CC6)

national stadium singapore

Image credit: Jnzl’s Photos

This station was designed with large curves resembling the old National Stadium. The interior resembles a grotto with walls of geological fractures while various shades of blue and green platform panels give a shimmering and glassy effect. 

Coupled with a glass roof, this allows central skylight to shine into the platform, creating an attractive, naturally-lit platform while commuters wait for their trains to arrive. The harmony of the space, light and colour creates a pleasant aesthetic for all to enjoy.

5.  Mayflower (TE6)

If you are a nature lover, be sure not to miss this station! Drawing inspiration from the songbird watching heritage in the neighbourhood, this station has 22 bird sculptures around the station including common pet birds such as the red-whiskered bulbul and zebra dove. 

Various hexagonal patterns can also be found in the station’s designs and are said to draw reference from mayflowers and honeycombs. Who knew that you can bird-spot in the comfort of an air-conditioned station!

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The ingenuity of the architects and builders has certainly impressed us with their out-of-the-world concepts. With more stations currently in the works, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for other interesting architecture and designs of MRT stations in Singapore.

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