Changi Airport Departure Fees to Increase by November 2022

Changi Airport to Increase Fees & Charges for Outbound Travellers by November 2022

Expect two more increases in the next two years!

From 1 Nov 2022 to 31 Mar 2023, Changi Airport departure fees will be increased to S$59.20 to make way for the aviation industry’s recovery phase. This will include a S$40.40 passenger service and security fee, an S$8 aviation levy, and a S$10.80 airport development levy. 

More info about Changi Airport’s departure fees

Passengers who booked their ticket before 1 Nov 2022 will be exempt from the passenger fees. Similarly, there will be no changes to their passenger fees for transit passengers, but they will continue to pay S$9 for airport charges. 

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But November’s hike in fees won’t be the only one — as planned in 2018, there will be future increases on Apr 2023 ($62.20) and again on Apr 2024 ($65.20). These funds will contribute to the rebuilding of Singapore’s position as a global air hub. At the same time, airlines will be expected to pay a hefty sum for airline parking and landing fees. 

The slow reopening of Singapore travel

The announcement of the new departure fees may be synonymous with Changi Airport’s plans to upgrade existing terminals. While Terminal 5 resumes its construction after a 2-year hiatus, Terminals 2 and 4 will be expected to slowly return to their airport capacity of handling 70 million passengers annually. 

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If you’re planning to fly to Singapore later this year, do take note of these fee changes. Happy flying!

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