Top 5 Art Jamming Studios in Singapore

Top 5 Art Jamming Studios in Singapore

Who would you bring to an Art Jamming session?

Are you an art-lover that gets yelled at a lot for leaving splashes of paint all around your house? Or, maybe you’re just looking for some date ideas that allow you to bring home something amazing even if the date sucked. If so then dear reader, we think art jamming is what you’re looking for! 

What’s not to love about a few hours of colourful fun with materials covered and a distinct lack of clean-up? Read on for our top five art jamming studio picks in Singapore. 

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Café de Paris

You’ve heard of quality over quantity and vice versa but why not quality AND quantity? What we’re trying to say is Café de Paris is the place to go for a wallet-friendly and generous art jamming. Not only do you get a complimentary drink that goes beyond just a cuppa or some tea, but you also get three whole hours, a massive 30 x 40 or 40 x 40 canvas without extra charge, unlimited acrylic paint, brushes, and stationery alongside art materials like palette knives and sponges. 

As if that’s not amazing enough, you will also be in the heart of Somerset 313 and a cafe that offers an absolutely bangin’ food and dessert menu. Art jammers even get 10% off their orders. Honestly, try to find a reason not to go. Spoiler alert: You won’t find any. 

Address: 313 Orchard Road, 313@Somerset, #B1-37, Singapore 238895

Splat Paint House

Is that a mess? A disaster? Nay, at Splat Paint House, there’s only art! With practically no rules, no borders and no such things as “too messy”, you can go crazy at this unconventional art jamming studio. You might imagine an art jamming session to be a calm and relaxing experience but if you’re the type that looks out for chaos when you craft your masterpiece then Splay Paint House is the perfect studio for you.

Suit up in full-body protection gear — yeah, did we mention that it’ll get messy? — and let your paint fly. On the walls, on the floor, and maybe if you’re lucky — on the canvas! For some extra fun, try working with their UV paints and watch yourself and your artwork glow. 

Address: 207a Upper Thomson Rd, Singapore 574346

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Wildflower Studio

Wildflower Studio is the dream for cat-lovers and introverted artists everywhere. After all, who needs friends when you have cats, right? Art jam alongside the cutest and the furriest at this home studio in Khatib. 

Wildflower studio is owned by local author and illustrator Amanda Cho and welcomes guests on the weekends. You will be unleashed upon a canvas and be given three hours, some acrylic paint, a complimentary drink and what everyone truly drops by for — her three adorable, friendly paw pals.

Address: Blk 838 Yishun Street 81, Singapore 760838

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Unlike the other studios here, Boulevart offers more than acrylic paint and a blank canvas. Here, not only can you let your imagination run wild, you can level up the skills you use to express said imaginations. They offer a range of workshops and will guide you step by step in creating your own masterpiece, using different mediums like watercolour and metallics! Of course, like most art jamming studios, you can also opt for something more free and easy as well!

Address: 1 Trengganu Street 3/F, Singapore 058455

Artify Studio

If you enjoy art jamming for the vibes, then Artify Studio is one you’ll have to check out ASAP. This hidden gem offers both guided art jamming sessions as well as what they call Liberty Art Jams that run for 2.5 hours per session. And if you can’t make it for any of their scheduled sessions, then try out their off-peak unguided art jam instead, which offers flexible arrangements.  

All the materials you need will be provided and if you make a mess, don’t sweat it because there are shower facilities within the studio for those that need a scrub down! 

Address: 200 Jalan Sultan, #08-05, Textile Centre, Singapore 199018

What are you waiting for? Grab a friend, a significant other  (or go to Wildflower Studios for some furry companionship) and head on down to give these studios a try. This list is by no means extensive enough to cover all of the amazing studios in Singapore, so if you have a go-to art jamming spot, let us know down in the comment section of our Facebook page!

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