The World’s First Angry Birds World Theme Park Opens in Doha

The World’s First Angry Birds World Theme Park Opens in Doha

Your favourite characters from the Angry Birds come to life in this newly-opened entertainment park in Doha Festival City.

Qatar’s newest addition to its fast-growing list of fun attractions in the country is the ANGRY BIRDS WORLD™ entertainment park at Doha Festival City. This theme park, which is based on the blockbuster movie and gaming phenomenon, brings incredible entertainment for the whole family. The first of its kind in the world, it features more than 20 unique rides and attractions spread across the park’s indoor, outdoor, and big tree areas.

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Here are some of the park’s main highlights that you can’t afford to miss.

Indoor Attractions

The indoor section of the theme park, covering some 6,500 sq.m, was the first area to be opened to the public.

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Blast Bomb – Thrill-seekers, take note. The Blast Bomb will have you leave your screams up in the air as it twists and plunges you 11 metres to the ground in record time. Be warned: you might feel as though your stomach jumped right into your throat during the free-fall. Talk about piggy destruction!

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Bouncing Blues – Remember the cute fun-loving triplets, The Blues? They will have their own ride, a gliding roundabout attraction which allows the young ones to “fly” as the ride glides in a circular motion. This is not a normal jet ride, so don’t be fooled by the cuteness of these adorable birds.

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Pirate Coast – Bumper cars have never been this fun! Board your very own boat-themed dodgems and decide if you want to play the good guy or the villain. In this clash between the Birds and Hogs, the battle will be fierce. Shoot your enemies with an IR beam in front of the car and send them spinning for a few seconds.

Trampoline Universe – Bounce high up into a sky of pure madness on the springy Trampoline Universe. This is one of Qatar’s most extreme trampolines and you can expect to work those muscles as you do a trust fall, play on the foam pit, or do a somersault in the air.

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Angry Birds GO! – The Angry Birds GO! falls partly in this section because it comprises both an indoor and an outdoor kart track as well as the region’s first multi-level track. Hop into one of these go-karts and it’ll be a race filled with adrenaline. Power-up by driving over active strips that will either boost or slow you down as you navigate your way downhill.

Big Tree

This section of the park offers both adults and children an edutainment experience in science, music and art!

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Willow’s Art Studio – Learn the basics of art from the one and only maestro, Willow. Here, your little ones will be taught how to create beautiful works of art in the studio, and you can join in too. Paint, paste, cut and decorate, and explore your own creativity. Once the masterpiece is completed, bring it back home as a souvenir.

Gale’s Glamour School – Glamour is Gale’s middle name and she is excited to impart some tips and tricks on makeup. Be dazzled by the wide selection of styling tools! Your child’s new Angry Birds hairdo, beautiful fingernails and glittery makeup will surely be a show-stopper.

Poppy’s Music Academy – Let the prankster of the flock, Poppy, drop some beats that will set you grooving. But don’t just watch; get your fingers strumming to the guitar, beat and shake the tambourine, or try your hand at the xylophone. Poppy’s Music Academy will teach you the basics.

Dahlia’s Science Lab – Explore the mind-boggling wonders of science at this lab and find out what it takes to create a chemical combination that produces a ton of fun! Put on your scientist coat and safety goggles as you embark on a eureka journey with the gadget geek herself, Dahlia.

Outdoor Attractions

The outdoor section which will cover 10,500 sq.m will open at a later phase, so keep an eye out for more updates. In the meantime, sit tight as you check out what to expect…

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Raft Battle – This ride pays tribute to the journey taken by the birds from Bird Island to Piggy Island in the movie. The rafts are armed with water blaster guns so riders will be happily soaked as they make their way across the high seas.

The Bird Bath – An outdoor beach complete with water games and activities awaits you and your little ones in The Bird Bath.

Super Slingshot – Think Angry Birds and what comes to mind is the famous slingshot. The Super Slingshot will have you catapulted 60 metres into the air as you assume the shoes of the Flock. What a way to grow wings!


Enter a whole new world of fun as you explore what Qatar’s newest family attraction has to offer. To entice you further, check out the video above to see snippets of the park’s grand opening!


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