6 Long Weekends in Singapore in 2019 (Bonus Calendar & Cheatsheet)

6 Long Weekends in Singapore in 2019 (Bonus Calendar & Cheatsheet)

Don’t let your public holidays in 2019 go to waste! Use ‘em for a string of long weekends getaways with the help of our calendar and cheatsheet.

Heads up, holiday-deprived Singaporeans! The Ministry of Manpower has released the list of public holidays for 2019 and if you’re any good at being a kiasu Singaporean, this list would dictate your upcoming long weekend getaways.

Here are the 11 gazetted public holidays for 2019:

Singapore 2019 Public Holidays

Only 4 long weekends in 2019?

At a glance, there’s sadly nothing much to celebrate. Singaporeans will officially have (a pathetic) FOUR long weekends in 2019 – three of which stretch for three days and one that stretches for four days.  

This is thanks to Good Friday which falls on a Friday (duh!), Vesak Day and Deepavali which fall on Sundays, making the following Mondays a public holiday, and National Day and Hari Raya Haji which fall on the Friday and Sunday of the same long weekend.

To simplify things, these are the long weekends that everyone will get in 2019:

1. Good Friday
19 to 21 April
Friday to Sunday

2. Vesak Day
18 to 20 May
Saturday to Monday

3. National Day & Hari Raya Haji
9 to 12 August
Friday to Monday

4. Deepavali
26 to 28 October
Saturday to Monday

Make it 6 long weekends in 2019 by taking 2 leave days

Do not weep, dear comrades. Knowing that we Singaporeans need those holidays to travel, we’ve devised a calendar and cheatsheet to help you maximise your long weekends with as little leave days as possible.

Singapore 2019 Public Holidays and Long Weekends Calendar

New Year’s Day (1 Jan) falls on a Tuesday, so take a day’s leave the day before, on 31 Dec 2018, to enjoy an additional long weekend. If you still have leave days to clear from 2018, that is.

On top of that, the Chinese New Year holidays (5 & 6 Feb) will be smacked on Tuesday and Wednesday, so take that strategic Monday off on 4 Feb to get a five-day long weekend for an overseas trip far, far away from your nosy relatives.

Singapore 2019 Public Holidays and Long Weekends Cheatsheet

The rest of the public holidays – Labour Day, Hari Raya Puasa and Christmas – will be giving you a mid-week respite as they all fall on Wednesdays. Well, technically, you can still turn them into long weekends if you’re willing to take two days of leave. *winks*

Before you rush off to get those leave days approved well ahead of your colleagues, bookmark this page and download the calendar and cheatsheet for future references.

If you need ideas for your 2019 holidays, check out our archive filled with fantastic itineraries to fill up your long weekend, whether it is in Melaka (Malaysia), Khao Yai (Thailand) or Coron (the Philippines). Alternatively, head over to TripZilla Stays for the best hotels to have your staycation in.

Wishing you a vacation-filled holiday in 2019, well in advance!

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