What to Do in JB: 5 Things Cheaper in Johor Bahru Than in Singapore

5 Things That Are Cheaper in Johor Bahru Than in Singapore

Run all your errands on a day trip across the border.

Now that we’re mostly back in the office, you might find yourself struggling with a hectic time. You want to treat yourself to a nice meal and a pampering session; but where can you go to do both — without having to spend too much money? 

Luckily, just a 30-minute drive away from Singapore lies Johor Bahru: a go-to destination for Singaporeans for all things affordable. If you’re wondering what there is to do in JB, we’ve got you covered with these services that are much cheaper than in Singapore. In fact, these are reason enough for one to travel across the border (and brave the long immigration queues). 

So go on and book a train or bus ticket, or hitch a ride with a friend to JB on your next free day. 

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What to do in JB? Save money with these service offerings:

1. Salon treatments

You no longer have to rely on boxed hair dyes or setting aside a few hundred dollars just for a new hairdo. Actually, you’ll find many places in JB offering salon treatments at around RM300 (~S$93.64). Plus, this price isn’t exclusive to a simple wash and cut or a single-colour dye. At this price, you can pay for services like balayage and Korean perms!

Popular salons in JB include LUXE Studio at Komtar JBCC and Studio M at KSL City Mall — both of which are just five minutes from Johor Bahru Checkpoint. If you’re heading slightly further in, Style By Andy Chan Hair Salon at Mid Valley Southkey and Provost Hair Studio are great options, too. 

2. Pampering massages

Ask any Singaporean what there is to do in JB, and the most frequent response would be to get a massage. Take Bangkok Spa — just under a 10-minutes away from the checkpoint — as an example. This JB massage place is so popular that they’ve even set up transport services from Singapore just for people to come here.

What is a Singaporean’s favourite thing about a JB massage? Put simply, the price. A 120-minute massage at Bangkok Spa will cost RM118 (~S$36.66), while the average price of the same treatment is S$90 in Singapore. 

If you’re also heading to Mount Austin for the array of food options, you’re in luck! This area boasts its own selection of affordable massage outlets, like Family Thai Spa and Thai Odyssey

3. A mani and pedi session

For something that can cost more than S$100 (with extra embellishments) in Singapore, it’s impressive that this manicure and pedicure session in JB can be anywhere between S$40 and S$60 — and you’ll get the same result! 

Besides, many places charge only S$5 (or sometimes, for free!) to remove any gel nail polish you may have from before. Our tip? Find a place you really like (look for things like good service and lasting polish), buy a package that doesn’t expire, and keep coming back here for service that you can count on. 

Add these manicure and pedicure salons to your JB itinerary: I Be Own Nail And Foot Station at KSL City Mall, YOUNG Waxing & Nails at Mid Valley Southkey, and Garden Nail Gallery in Mount Austin. 

4. Dental facilities

Next up is more of a unique service in JB: dental cleaning. The reason we’ve included this is because many Singaporeans travel to Pink and White Dental not only for its affordability, but its impeccable service standards, too. 

You’re guaranteed comfort and professionalism from the moment you book an appointment to when you receive dental service. Some patrons have even commented that leaving this place “feels more like a spa than a dental clinic.” 

Maybe dental visits won’t be so scary here, after all. 

5. Car maintenance

jb pump petrol

Image credit: Sham Hardy

Finally, if you’re driving with someone, ask the driver what the number one to-do in JB is; the usual response? To pump petrol. 

Fuel prices may have soared globally, but one thing remains constant: Prices remain cheaper in JB than in Singapore. As of writing, the price per litre of petrol in JB is RM4.30 (~S$1.34), while it’s S$3.32 in Singapore. 

Many Singaporean drivers also make use of the petrol station visit by utilising the car washing services here, too. In fact, if you go to a bigger petrol station, there might even be further waxing and polishing services. 

Alternatively, all around JB, you’ll find plenty of roadside car wash and maintenance services along the road. For example, near KSL City Mall alone, you’ll find at least one set up at every corner. 

Our tip? Leave your car at the shop, then look for a place to eat nearby. Come back 30 minutes (or more, depending on the crowd) later to a squeaky clean vehicle! 

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If you’re wondering what there is to do in JB, we hope that we’ve finally answered your question. Besides, if you have plenty of leaves to clear before the year ends, now you know something you can do with it — without having to spend either too much money or time planning. 

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