Seoul's New Climate Card Tourist Pass Makes Exploring Easy This July

Seoul’s New Climate Card Tourist Pass Makes Exploring Easy This July

Hassle-free transportation!

Planning a trip to Seoul, South Korea anytime after 1 July 2024? Get ready to navigate the city with ease and save some money along the way! The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) is launching a brand new transit pass specifically designed for tourists — the Climate Card Tourist Pass.

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Everything you need to know about the climate card tourist pass

Climate Card Tourist Pass

Image credit: Seoul Metropolitan Government | Official Facebook

This innovative pass offers visitors unlimited access to Seoul’s extensive public transportation network. What’s more is that you can hop on and off subways and buses as often as you like, eliminating the need for purchasing individual tickets or fumbling with complicated fare systems.

The Climate Card caters to various travel styles with its multiple pass options. So, choose from a one-day pass (₩5,000 or S$4.96) for a quick city exploration, or a longer-term two-day (₩8,000 or S$7.93), three-day (₩10,000 or S$9.91), or even a five-day pass (₩15,000 or S$14.87) for a more in-depth Seoul adventure.

Benefits beyond transportation

Climate Card Tourist Pass

Image credit: Visit Seoul | Official Website

The Climate Card Tourist Pass goes beyond just getting you around. This handy pass also unlocks discounts at various cultural attractions, including the Seoul Science Center and Seoul Grand Park. Save money while enriching your Seoul experience with exciting cultural visits!

Picking up your Climate Card is a breeze. They will be readily available at the Seoul Tourism Plaza Information Center, Myeong-dong Tourist Information Center, and customer safety offices located at subway stations one through eight.

The Climate Card eliminates the need for expensive taxi fares and the hassle of navigating a cash-only system. This convenient and affordable pass lets you explore Seoul at your own pace, maximising your vacation experience.

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So, ditch the stress of navigating public transportation in Seoul! With the Climate Card Tourist Pass launching in July, exploring this vibrant city is about to become a breeze. Start planning your Korean adventure today!

Featured image credit: Visit Seoul | Official Website

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