The Iconic Sentosa Merlion Will Be Demolished: Here’s What You Need to Know

The Iconic Sentosa Merlion Will Be Demolished: Here’s What You Need to Know

It’s time to bid a roaring goodbye to Singapore’s Sentosa Merlion.

One of Singapore’s most iconic structures is about to be demolished, never to be seen again. *cues excessive crying*

Many of us may have forgotten about the iconic Merlion statue that towers over Sentosa Island – but this attraction is one that holds dear childhood memories. 

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Did You Know? 

The Merlion was first designed in 1964 by British zoologist Alec Fraser-Brunner to be the logo of the Singapore Tourism Board (STB). The fish alludes to the nation’s beginning as a ‘fishing village’ (now debunked), while the lion references the ‘lion’ Sang Nila Utama claims to have seen (though highly unlikely)

Largest Merlion Statue in Singapore

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At 37 metres tall, Sentosa Merlion towers over all the other 6 Merlion statues in Singapore. Ever since its ‘birth’ in 1995, this giant being has courageously braved the Singapore heat for over 24 years. Never failing to shoot out lasers from its eyes every night, this majestic statue has delighted Singaporeans and tourists alike during its nightly laser shows. 

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It Will Officially Close on 20 October 

Much to the dismay of some Singaporeans and tourists alike, Sentosa Development Corporation (SDC) has decided to close its doors this coming 20 October. This means there will no longer be tickets or passes admitted into the iconic attraction. In addition to the iconic statue, 4 other eateries in the vicinity will also be closed from 21 October onwards.

Due to the size of Sentosa Merlion, there are currently no plans for relocation. Instead, developers are considering different ways to commemorate the island’s symbolic icon. Although the Merlion has been slated to be demolished after 20 October, the exact date of demolition has yet to be finalized.

Making Way for New Developments 

Image credit: Sentosa Development Corporation

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Sentosa Merlion’s demolishment will make way for a new themed thoroughfare. This comes as part of a new rejuvenation project that aims to reshape and re-establish Sentosa Island and her neighbour Pulau Brani into one of the hottest tourist attractions in Singapore. 

Named Sensoryscape, this thoroughfare will link Resorts World Sentosa in the north with Sentosa’s beaches in the south. Costing over $90 million, this thoroughfare will be more than just a linkway! Sensoryscape will feature lookout points, water features and even other architectural elements that will be sure to give visitors a multi-sensory experience as they stroll across the island. 

This Sensoryscape project will be completed by 2022, with the next few phases of the project rolling out over the next two to three decades.

Say Your Last Goodbyes!

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With the last admission to Sentosa Merlion on 20 Oct, it’s definitely time to head down to say your goodbyes and take your last Insta-shots to immortalize the moment. You might just end up taking the last picture of Singapore’s greatest icon. 

Till then, we’ll always remember you Sentosa Merlion!

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