Singapore Sky Lantern Festival: All About This Magical New Event

Singapore Sky Lantern Festival: All About This Magical New Event in February

Cue "I See the Light" as you release lanterns into the night sky!

A paper lantern festival is just within your reach with the first-ever Singapore Sky Lantern Festival happening this 21 Feb 2024. Get ready to witness the night sky illuminate with hundreds and thousands of paper lanterns at Palawan Green on Sentosa Island, Singapore.

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Singapore to hold its own enchanting sky lantern festival

If you’ve ever dreamt of recreating the iconic scene from Tangled, then the Singapore Sky Lantern Festival is the perfect chance to make your dreams a reality! The festival draws inspiration from the Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival in Taiwan. With each paper lantern, you can write your prayers and wishes. Then, send it upwards, and watch it illuminate the night sky. Follow the sight of your lantern blending with a thousand other lanterns and creating a tapestry of glowing orbs above.

We know you’re probably wondering if this will be harmful to the environment. The quick answer is: No. Gone are the days of hosting environmentally unaware events where lanterns pose potential hazards to people and to nature. 

This time, each lantern will be tied to the ground with a 60-metre bamboo string. Paper lanterns tethered to you will float in the sky for about five to 10 minutes. Once the festival is over, participants must pull their lanterns back to the ground and dispose of them in designated areas. Event organisers also made a conscious effort to help lessen environmental impact by making the lanterns out of biodegradable materials such as oiled rice paper.

A fun-filled festival, from afternoon to evening

While the main event will happen at night, expect a ton of fun and partying as early as the afternoon. Before releasing the lanterns, enjoy live cultural performances, DJ sets, food stalls, and more. After the festival, music will continue to intensify, transforming the event into a vibrant after-party where you can sing and dance all night long.

For your safety and information, security marshals will be present on grounds. Moreover, the officials will be equipped with safety tools and precautions in case of any mishap. This event is officially approved by the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF), the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS), and the Sentosa Development Corporation. 

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Ready to illuminate the sky with your heart’s deepest desires? Tickets for the Singapore Sky Lantern Festival are on sale for $50 (excluding booking fee). Students enjoy a 50% discount at $25. Each ticket is inclusive of a pair of lanterns and a marker. Book your tickets here now!

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