Ramen Revolution is Coming: Just S$10 a Bowl from 28-30 July

Ramen Revolution is Coming: Just S$10 a Bowl from 28-30 July

The Ramen Revolution will be hitting the Singapore shores soon, indulging you with eight different gastronomical ramen restaurants to choose from.

Craving a sumptuous bowl of ramen filled with tender slices of chashu and topped off with fresh spring onions? Well, you’re in luck. Scrap that flight to Japan because the Ramen Revolution is coming to the sunny shores of Singapore!

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The inaugural Ramen Revolution, brought to you by WAttention Singapore and SOZO, is presenting eight ramen stores that will be dishing out their delectable bowls of Japanese goodness – for a mere S$10 a bowl! From perennial favourites Tonkotsu King, contemporary flavoured Lobster King to the quintessential award-winning Menya Masamune, you’ll be utterly spoilt for choice!

We’re pretty sure we just triggered your hunger pangs. Whether you’re a foodie or not, the Ramen Revolution will take your palates on a gastronomical ride with such spectacularly savoury eats. Can’t wait? Here’s the lowdown on this sinful festival:


Ramen Revolution 2017


Resorts World Sentosa, The Forum B1


28 July: 5pm to 9pm
29 to 30 July: 11am to 9pm


  • Tonkotsu King
  • Lobster King
  • Kajiken
  • Ramen Atelier
  • Menya Sakura
  • Machida Shoten
  • Marutama Ramen
  • Menya Masamune

Compete with fellow ramen gurus

Image credit: City Foodsters

The perfect frontier to hone your craft of speed eating ramen. Yep, Ramen Revolution will be hosting speed eating and spicy ramen challenges! Put your taste buds to the test as you take on other ramen aficionados to determine who’s worthy of being crowned “Ramen King”.

Savour unique speciality ramen

Image credit: Ramen Revolution

The festival brings together ramen connoisseurs as they cook up delights for visitors such as yourself. Hailing from New York, two-time award-winning Menya Masamune will be gracing the event with their crowd pleasing Premium Shio Ramen! Contemporary ramen bar Ramen Atelier will incorporate French touches to this traditional Japanese dish. And that’s only two of the many ramen stalls on show!

Indulge in traditional Japanese performances

Who said that the festival only has ramen? As you bite into the succulently marinated chashu and gobble down mouthfuls of ramen, the Hibikiya team will be beating on the Japanese Taiko drums to fully immerse you in an authentic Japanese environment! Otherwise, be enchanted by the Noh and Flute performance by MINAMI. Still contemplating that trip to Japan? Probably not.

Seriously, a three-day festival coupled with S$10 bowls of ramen is the best thing you could treat yourself to this July. Trust me, you won’t be leaving the festival until you’ve slurped up every drop of ramen broth in your bowls. Mark your calendars and get ready for a soup-erb ramen feast!

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