Why Your Next Holiday Should Be a Cruise

Why Your Next Holiday Should Be a Cruise

Take a cruise for your next family vacation!

When we think about travelling, images of planes and far flung places come to mind. However, have you thought about having a relaxing holiday on a cruise ship? While cruises may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you want to take a vacation, a cruise vacation may just be right up your alley for all of these reasons.

1. You will not have to search the internet for the best prices of accommodation

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Unlike self-planned trips where you will have to scour the internet for the best prices on accommodation, you will not have to worry about accommodation as it is included in the base price for cruises. Further, the types of rooms that you can get onboard the cruise ship is generally comparable to those of a decent hotel so you will not have to worry about the quality of your accommodation. If you’re not up for a tedious planning for a vacation, a cruise holiday is the way to go!

2. You will get delicious food whenever you want

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How about a holiday where you will never have to worry about food? That’s exactly what a holiday on a cruise will be like.

Almost all cruise ships will have a few restaurants that will be free to dine at (or rather, meals will be included in the base price). As such, you will never have to pay any extra money and you will still get a variety of dining choices. Additionally, depending on your cruise line, there might be more than just three meals available daily so foodies can really indulge themselves!

However, for those who would like to go for the premium dining options, you can expect to pay far less than a fine dining restaurant, making a meal at a premium restaurant a steal. And if you need a midnight nibble? Don’t fret. There will at least be one restaurant onboard open around the clock for hungry patrons to grab a quick snack at any hour of the day.

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3. You will never have to worry about your children getting bored

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Cruise ships are generally extremely family-friendly and it will keep even the youngest members of your family entertained with a wide range of facilities and activities. These include kid-only programs that your children can participate in with children from their own age groups as well as facilities like an indoor playground (in Superstar Virgo’s case) or even a teen-only dance club (in Royal Caribbean’s case).

As such, parents can also leave their children at these facilities when they need to and they can rest assure that their children will find their cruise vacation an exciting one. However, parents should also be aware that they may be charged for the use of such services, depending on the cruise line.

4. There are shows for the whole family to enjoy

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Most cruise lines will have nightly shows and performances for the whole family. And should you be thinking that these shows will be boring, think again. Star Cruises offers some amazing acrobatic shows with world-class acrobats that will leave you amazed and at the edge of your seat. There are also music performances and musicals for those who prefer them.

The other cruise lines are not to be scoffed at as well – Royal Caribbean has Broadway musicals onboard their cruise ships as well as ice skating shows onboard their Oasis, Freedom and Voyager class ships. You are not excluded if you choose to travel with Princess Cruises either – Princess Cruises has exclusive musicals from Stephen Schwartz, a Grammy and Academy Award winning theatre composer and Discovery at Sea, where staff members bring Discovery Channel’s most popular shows to life. Thus you can see that you will be spoilt for choice no matter which cruise ship you choose.

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5. You can admire amazing views of the open sea

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Despite all the excitement happening onboard the cruise ship, one of the best things about being aboard a cruise ship is the fact that you can simply relax and look at the ocean. All cruise liners will have deck chairs set up on deck where patrons can recline and enjoy the sea view.

If you book a room with a balcony, that is even better! Instead of having to jostle with others on the deck, you can now enjoy the night sky and sea breeze from the comfort of your room. The sea wind might become colder than desired at night though, so do bring a windbreaker to combat the chill.

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