A Pokemon Store Gives Bittersweet Goodbye Before Closing for Good

A Pokemon Store Gives Bittersweet Goodbye Before Closing for Good

The pandemic has affected Pokemon too.

Sadly, even Pokemon is not immune to the effects the pandemic has brought upon different economies and businesses. As much as the franchise is successful, there are a few Pokemon shops in Japan that are finding it hard to survive. The Pokemon Store in Okayama City’s Aeon Mall is one of those shops. In fact, it will have to close on 31 Aug 2021. But the store isn’t bowing out without saying its last goodbye to its passionate patrons. 

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A Japanese customer by the Twitter handle of koebito paid his last respects to this Pokemon store by shopping for merchandise one last time. The store still sold all the favourites, such as plushies, stationeries, stickers, and pins. In his cart, koebito added a Marshtomp plushie and two reusable shopping bags. However, upon getting his receipt, he saw there was one more item added that didn’t amount to anything. 

Image credit: koebito Twitter page

The last item said, “ダイスキナキミヘイママデアリガトウ,” which roughly translates to “Thank you for staying with me.” In his tweet, koebito said “The receipt from the Pokemon Store is killing me,” as he added a photo of the receipt. As of writing, his tweet has more than 20,000 retweets. 

These small gestures from Pokemon stores are what get us too. They kill us with kindness every time. Since this is the last time this particular Pokemon Store is doing this, it just hurts to think about it all the more. 

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Although this will be quite a blow to Pokemon and its fans, we’re hoping struggling Pokemon stores can still bounce back stronger!

Featured image credit: Pokemon Store | Official Website

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