This Piplup Plushie the Size of a Human Is for Sale!

This Piplup Plushie the Height of a Tiny Human Is Available for International Orders!

One of the cutest Pokemon ever!

piplup plushie

We all live in a Pokemon world, and now, we can dream with Pokemon too. Sleeping Pokemon plushies aren’t new. The Pokemon Centers in Japan have been selling them for years. But this is the first time a Pokemon store is selling a super cute and extremely huggable human-sized Piplup plushie!

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piplup plushie

According to the NintendoSoup website, the NintendoSoup Store is now taking international pre-orders for the exclusive “Piplup Suya Suya Friends Relax Size plush 90cm.” Shop your Piplup plushie here

piplup plushie

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Pre-orders will close on 8 Aug 2021, 11.59pm Pacific Time. The Piplup plushie costs $199.99 (S$269.40). The best part is the store ships worldwide. No time to waste, Piplup is the perfect birthday and holiday present!

All images credited to NintedoSoup Official Website.

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