Pokemon Tea Is Served: Take a Look at These Pokemon Tea Items!

Tea Is Served Pokemon Style: Take a Look at These Pokemon Tea Items!

How do you like your tea?

Care for a cup of tea? Maybe you’d like it served with some sweet Pokemon-shaped cookies beside a Pokemon-inspired teacup. It’s a good thing that Japan’s Pokemon Center has come up with a merchandise collection to answer the needs of its tea-loving customers!

With its new line called “Mysterious Pokemon Tea Party”, the Pokemon Center seeks to provide Pokemon fans with a fresh take on tea time and elevate our enthusiasm for all things Pokemon. The main Pokemon featured in the collection are Pikachu, Eevee, and Alcremie. See them as smartly dressed up plushies, and as designs on teacups, teapots, cookie jars, eco-bags, and more!

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To feed your excitement, take a look at these official Pokemon tea photos:

pokemon tea

pokemon tea

pokemon tea

Fans who are luckily in Japan right now can immediately buy the Pokemon tea merchandise in Pokemon Centers starting 6 February 2021 onwards. The price range for the “Mysterious Pokemon Tea Party” collection starts from ¥550 (S$6.98) to ¥2,860 (S$36.27). The official store has yet to open this to international shipping. But if you would like to place international orders, Meccha Japan, as of writing, can ship these items internationally as well. 

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Nothing beats a relaxing afternoon than a cup of tea with sweets, except perhaps if the experience comes with Pokemon entertainment. Get your hands on these collector’s items before anyone else. We hope you enjoy your tea time!

All photos credited to the Pokemon Center official website.

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