12 Adventure Activities in Bintan for Thrill-Seeking Newbies

12 Adventure Activities in Bintan for Thrill-Seeking Newbies

Ready for an adventurous getaway in Bintan? Take your pick of activities and start planning your trip!

Beyond its white sandy beaches, the beautiful island of Bintan offers an extensive selection of action-packed activities – on land, water, and even in the air. This island is simply brimming with opportunities for exciting exploits, some of which we were lucky enough to try. Whether you are a veteran adrenaline junkie or a novice thrill-seeker, a heart-racing getaway awaits!

Are you ready to discover the adventurous side of Bintan?

1. Brave the jungle on an ATV

Get ready for a super muddy, fun, and exhilarating ATV adventure! There is a whole selection of routes to explore depending on which resort you make your booking at. Choose to go for a wild ride on bumpy jungle terrain or a ride along the beach and enjoy the refreshing sea breeze!

We opted for the former and trundled through the jungle on narrow dirt paths, navigating a curving downhill track. It was fun to whip along at breakneck speed while swerving around the trees. As we were accompanied by an Action ATV Staff, we knew that we were in good hands!

As the terrain may be quite rough, remember to wear footwear that completely covers your feet and ankles for protection.

Available at: Nirwana Gardens, Bintan Lagoon Resort, Treasure Bay

2. Conquer the highest mountain in Bintan

Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or you haven’t worked out in a year, the 340-metre high Gunung Bintan is something you have to conquer!

During the hike, we discovered giant trees that are over 40 metres tall, as well as rare animals such as mischievous silver leaf monkeys, darting deer, swooping eagles and more! On top of the stunning views from the summit, we also sampled seasonal wild fruits such as durians and jackfruits. Also, there is a beautiful cascading waterfall near the base.

The descent is harder than the ascent, but don’t worry as there are rest stops along the way. Set aside about four hours for this trek and wear comfortable footwear and long pants. Remember to pack insect repellent, sunblock and some snacks.

Available at: BRC Tours. There are daily departures and the tour is priced at S$45/adult and S$35/child.

3. Hit your target at the archery or shooting range

bintan adventures

Time to put our archery and shooting skills to the test! As we discovered, archery is a challenging sport – our arrows missed the entire board during our first few tries. So don’t feel discouraged if you find it difficult too. Just pick up the arrows and keep shooting! The satisfaction we got when our arrow finally landed on the bullseye was unbelievable.

On the other hand, shooting a gun was slightly easier. We had two choices of weapon – either an AirSoft gun or an outdoor rifle, both of which were really heavy. The guns are good replicas of the real thing but they shoot pellets, not bullets. If this is your first-time, don’t fret! The instructors were always around to guide us on the correct stance we should have while shooting, as well as the most suitable way to hold the gun.

There are 15 arrows/pellets per round of game. Have fun!

Archery is available at: Bintan Lagoon Resort and Nirwana Gardens
Shooting is available at: Airsoft Gun Shooting Range at Nirwana Gardens

4. Go on a local food hunt

bintan adventures

If you’re adventurous with your food, you should try this popular local snack called Tapai, which is fermented tapioca wrapped in banana leaf. It is known to have an acquired taste that not all people may like. However, many of the locals here love it! We recommend taking small bites at a time as the flavour is really strong. Tapai is slightly chewy, a mix of bitter and sour and has an overpowering alcohol taste. It’s almost like trying out durian for the first time!

Don’t miss out the different otak otaks sold along the streets at Kawal Tanjung Pinang as well. You can find prawn and squid otak otaks other than the usual fish ones. Freshly grilled and absolutely delectable, we just couldn’t stop at one!

For a unique dining experience, head to Trikora Beach and have your meal in one of the quaint thatched-roof wooden huts by the beach. Feast on fried calamari and stir-fried remis (mussels), complete with a refreshing cup of lime juice and an unparalleled view! We are proud to say that we polished off all the plates, because they were just incredibly delicious.

5. Try the jetovator and underwater scooter in Crystal Lagoon

Image credit: Bintan Resorts

The Crystal Lagoon is Southeast Asia’s first and largest recreational seawater body. Spanning 6.3 hectares, the lagoon offers a huge selection of watersports, in addition to other activities. The seawater underwent a process of water treatment and filtration before being pumped into the lagoon, hence it is unbelievably crystal clear. In fact, if a leaf drops into the deepest part of the lagoon, it will still be visible! As Crystal Lagoon is calm and safe all year-round, you can try various water activities without worrying about strong current or waves.

Two watersports activities that we tried and loved here are the Jetovator and the Underwater Scooter. The Jetovator gave us the closest thing to fulfilling our fantasy of being Ironman! It redirected water to propel and elevate us into mid-air, giving that rush of adrenaline. Say goodbye to mere mortality and hello to superhero prowess!

Equally fascinating was the Underwater Scooter, which enabled us to zip around swiftly in the lagoon. The instructor was very patient in explaining the mechanisms of the Underwater Scooter, and demonstrated how to use the scooter effectively.

We had such a blast, we didn’t even realise that two hours had passed since we started!

Other fun activities we enjoyed in Crystal Lagoon were kayaking and stand-up paddling, but there are even more exciting stuff to try, such as the Aquaglide Sailboat, Water ZOVB and Water Tricycle. Intrigued? Read more about the recreational activities offered in Crystal Lagoon here.

Available at: Crystal Lagoon at Treasure Bay

6. Wakeboarding at Bintan Wake Park

Image credit: Bintan Resorts

If you’ve never tried wakeboarding, step into Bintan Wake Park and be prepared for a challenge. Bintan Wake Park is also part of the aforementioned Crystal Lagoon and it uses a system of electrically-driven cables developed by German wakepark technology. Yes, there won’t be a motorboat towing you along for this ride!

Need some tips? Relax your body, keep your knees bent and the rope low on your body like we did. Life vests and helmets are included in the rental, and there are friendly instructors to provide guidance. Focus on balancing and you’ll soon be cruising along!

Available at: Bintan Wake Park at Treasure Bay

7. Speed through the waters on a jetski

You think jet skiing is easy? Wait until you try it out yourself! Jet skiing is just one of the many exhilarating sea sports activities at Lagoi Beach, also known as one of the finest public beaches in Bintan. For first-timers like us, we really struggled to control the speed and manoeuvre our directions at first. Nevertheless, with the patient guidance of an instructor, we finally got the hang of it! It was absolutely nerve-wracking to take control of the jet ski for the first time, but we’re proud to say that we can now create a swashbuckling torpedo over water! The jet ski was more stable than we expected, so we didn’t have to worry about capsizing at all.

Available at: Lagoi Beach

8. Paddle through mangroves on a kayak

Kayaking may be simple but when you do it through a seemingly endless stretch of mangroves, it’s a totally different experience. As our kayak cut through the still water, we were constantly on the lookout for exotic wildlife while enjoying the peaceful ambience. Our guide shared many interesting facts about the villagers who live near the mangrove and their way of life, as well as the different wildlife that reside within the mangrove. The indigenous people continue to pursue a traditional way of life – living simply by building homes, boats, fishing traps with materials obtained from the mangrove, and maintaining their livelihoods through fishing.

During the 1.5-hour kayak ride, we spotted a beautiful kingfisher with vibrant aquamarine feathers flying past our kayak, swooping into the water to snare a fish. We also saw a cleverly camouflaged snake taking an afternoon nap amongst the tree branches. The riverbed is teeming with river folks such as mudskippers, crabs, water snails and a small variety of fish – so you’ll never know what you may spot.

To end off your mangrove adventure, head to one of the kelong restaurants nearby for a sumptuous seafood feast! It certainly doesn’t get any fresher than this.

Available at: Treasure Bay and BRC Tours.
There are daily departures and the tour is priced from S$38/adult and S$25/child.

9. Explore the fascinating underwater world while snorkelling

Image credit: Bintan Resorts

Image credit: Bintan Resorts

Snorkelling is another adventurous activity that you don’t need to be a daredevil to enjoy. In fact, it’s easy to learn and almost effortless once you get the hang of it. Just relax and stay afloat while you kick your flippers, and you’ll find yourself revelling in the beauty of the marine life. Close-up, on top of that!

We were thoroughly fascinated by the rich diversity of Bintan’s marine life! The reefs come in all shades of the rainbow and are home to schools of brightly-coloured fish, as well as creatures of the deep such as transparent shrimps and purple sea slugs. The Bintan Dive Camp at White Sands Island and The Beach Club at Nirwana Gardens have all the facilities and equipment you will need for an enjoyable snorkelling session!

Available at: Bintan Dive Camp at White Sands Island & The Beach Club at Nirwana Gardens

10. Conquer the Flying Fox from a 25-metre tower

Operated by FOCUS Adventures, the Nirwana Gardens Resort Centre offers an adventure programme of 15 high-element obstacles, including the Flying Fox.

Towering at a height of 25 metres above the ground, the Flying Fox offers an exhilarating ride that adrenaline-junkies will never forget!

To get to the launch platform, which is four storeys high, we had to climb a narrow steel ladder. After reaching the top, we got to a sitting position with our legs dangling off the platform. The most thrilling moment was definitely the seconds after we jumped off the platform. Accelerating down the 850-metre zip line instantaneously was just incredible – what a ride! For the ultimate experience, raise your arms as you soar through the air.

Available at: Happy Valley at Nirwana Gardens Resort Centre

11. Ride the wind and enjoy panoramic views under a parasail

If you’re not that much of an extreme sports enthusiast, parasailing is the perfect outdoor activity for you because one, it’s completely effortless! And two, it gives you an unbeatable vantage point of the gorgeous waters and shoreline.

Personally, parasailing is our favourite activity on this list! The sheer adrenaline of being lifted up into the sky and the refreshing breeze we got to enjoy from up above was just one-of-a-kind. As parasailing is quite popular and high in demand, book in advance to avoid disappointments.

Available at: The Beach Club at Nirwana Gardens

12. Take to the skies for a bird’s eye view of the South China Sea

Image credit: Bintan Resorts

Air Adventures Flying Club Bintan is the first facility in Southeast Asia to operate the state-of-the-art, ultralight open-cockpit seaplane – located right in the heart of Lagoi Bay. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the chance to ride the seaplane, but we’ll definitely be back for this!

Riders will soar up to 1,000s of feet above ground during this 20-minute flight, with magnificent views of Bintan Island’s Northern coast! Enjoy a smooth take off and a burst of excitement as the plane picks up speed while gliding on the water – transitioning seamlessly from water to air. The chief pilot has over 20 years of flying experience under his belt – so just sit back, relax, and soak in the refreshing sea breeze from up above!

Image credit: Bintan Resorts

To top it all off, riders will receive a certificate of achievement to take home as a keepsake of their open cockpit experience. What a delightful ending! As the plane is completely open, dressing appropriately is important. Loose items are not allowed and neither are skirts, dresses and high-heeled shoes. It’s also a good idea to secure cameras with a strap.

Available at: Lagoi Bay. Guests can also book directly with their resort.

There’s definitely more to Bintan than their beautiful beaches. Venture off the beaten path and discover what hidden gems this island has in store for you – we’ve got a whole list of alternative things you can try out!

Ready for your adventurous getaway in Bintan? Take your pick of activities and start planning your trip! 

Brought to you by Bintan Resorts.

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