13 Things to Do in Kuta, Bali for a Memorable Time

13 Things to Do in Kuta, Bali for a Memorable Time

Enjoy the best of what Kuta has to offer.

Bali, Indonesia has always been beautiful. Many come to the Land of the Gods because of its picturesque landscapes and serene atmospheres. In Bali, there are many areas worth exploring. For starters, both Denpasar and Ubud are famous for their heritage attractions and soulful retreats. However, for those who desire a livelier time, make your way to Kuta in South Bali

Kuta, Bali is popular among tourists for many reasons. Other than its beaches, the resort town has been praised for its nightlife and abundance of recreational activities. If you’ve always wanted to see what the hype’s all about, here are the best things to do in Kuta.

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Local-certified things to do in Kuta, Bali

1. Take a leisurely surf at Kuta Beach

surfing at kuta bali

Image credit: George Bakos

Kuta Beach is a southwestern beach on Bali’s coast and a popular one at that. It is primarily known as a surfing spot, where one can spend their vacation chasing the tides. In fact, this beach is great for first-time surfers as the waters have height-appropriate waves and softer tides. 

But if you’re not interested in surfing, Kuta Beach is also known for its sensational sunset views over the sea horizons. Take a stroll through the soft sand at dusk, and when night falls, the beach comes even more alive. 

2. Have a beachside dinner at Jimbaran Beach

jimbaran beach kuta bali

Image credit: James Tiono

Jimbaran Beach is one of many beaches in Kuta. It’s a more mellow, laid-back beach. Many people who come here often like to take on an idle approach by sunbathing and sunset watching. Some may even relax to the sounds of the waves under the shade of coconut tree groves.

At nighttime, Jimbaran Beach becomes a romantic getaway with the promise of good food. You can enjoy freshly grilled seafood and various shellfish over a candlelit dinner. From your seat, you can watch the planes flying to and from Ngurah Rai International Airport, which makes for memorable views. 

3. Paraglide from the cliffs at Pandawa Beach

pandawan beach kuta bali

Image credit: Nico Wijaya

Located in the South Kuta district, Pandawa Beach is hidden behind limestone cliffs. At the entrance, you can see the five pearly statues of Panca Pandawa, the five big brothers from the Mahabaratha epoch. If you’re interested in paragliding, head over to the Timbis Flying Site that’s near the beach. 

Snorkelling is a popular activity at Pandawa Beach as well. At Pandawa Marine Park, you can learn about coral reef planting while you snorkel. Other notable activities include canoeing, jet skiing, and parasailing. 

4. Take a guided tour of Uluwatu Temple 

uluwatu temple at kuta bali

Image credit: 35007 via Canva Pro

The Uluwatu Temple is a Balinese Hindu temple, also located in South Kuta. The temple is considered one of Bali’s main spiritual pillars. When you’re here, visit the elephant-headed and human-bodied sculptures at the entrance. Afterwards, check out the winged stone gate inside the courtyard. Another highlight would be the Pura Dalem Jurit, which consists of three statues: Brahma, Ratu Bagus Dalem Jurit and Vishnu. 

The hillock overlooks the Indian Ocean, and the views are particularly unforgettable at sunset. After that, visitors can witness the Kecak Dance after dark. 

5. Challenge yourself to a waterslide at Waterbom Water Park

Waterbom Bali is one of the island’s oldest water parks and a great way to spend your vacation. There are many rides and attractions catered to different age groups. For starters, you can try out the various water slides throughout the park, like the Constrictor and Python. If not, float down the Lazy River and enjoy the moment. 

Waterbom Bali also has a FlowRider, which gives you an opportunity to surf, skateboard or waterboard. There’s bungee jumping as well, if you want to take that leap of faith. Whichever you pick, this water park offers a lot of fun things to do in Kuta. 

6. Shop ‘till you drop at Beachwalk Shopping Centre

Aside from beaches and the water park, you can definitely splurge your money on cool finds from brands you may know in real life! The Beachwalk Shopping Centre is located right next to Kuta Beach, and it’s one of the best places to go shopping in Kuta, Bali. You can buy clothes, souvenirs, food, accessories, and so much more!

7. Kuta Theatre

Kuta Theatre is an ideal attraction if you’re still interested to delve further into Balinese culture. Spend your nights with magic, dance and unique performances, like the Lights of Faith show. The performance infuses Balinese traditional dances with theatrical performances, which make for a great time. There are also bouts of illusion and levitation, which are guaranteed to keep you on your toes. 

8. Kuta Street Market

At night, you can also stop by Kuta Street Market. Here, you can eat and enjoy the hub that offers more things to do in Kuta. While you can sample the street food, locals and tourist alike can eat at the local restaurants. Kuta Street Market is also famous for selling various cheap clothes and accessories which you can take home as memorabilia. 

Things to do near Kuta, Bali

9. Sample local cuisines at Seminyak Beach

Image credit: Content Pixie

Compared to Kuta Beach, Seminyak Beach is the more “expensive” one. It’s more stylish and upscale, offering beachside resorts, spas, popular restaurants, and pubs. The nightlife is just as great here, but you should stay for Eat Street. 

Eat Street is a great way to dive into local cuisines. Along the street, there are various restaurants, bars, and shops to check out. Anyone who comes here can spend hours eating and partying to their hearts’ content. It’s a must-try to have at least one meal at a local warung for cheap and authentic local food.

10. Go kite-surfing at Sanur Beach

sanur beach at kuta bali

Image credit: Viar Suganda

Sanur Beach is one of the beaches near Kuta where the winds are stronger. This is particularly good for kite surfing, a sport that combines the standard elements of surfing and kite-flying. Regardless of your experience or skill level, Sanur has instructors on-hand so you can learn the sport. Arguably, many people have said kite surfing is a great way to enjoy the scenery along the shores. 

On the other hand, if you want something less intense, Sanur Beach is also ideal for diving. Sign up for diving sessions that will take place just a few minutes away from the beach. You’ll get to see various marine life, like seahorses and eels. Similar to kite surfing, there are plenty of diving schools that can teach you one-on-one.

 11. Photograph the landscapes at Geger Beach 

Image credit: Bali Official Website

Geger Beach is an addition to the list of things to do near Kuta. This is also another option for when you want to get away from the noise and crowds. Unlike the other beaches in Bali, this one’s hidden away at the bottom of a steep stair path. With its history as a seaweed farming spot, Geger Beach stands out among the other beach attractions in terms of heritage. 

Here, you can also sunbathe and relax, but if you’re into photography, you can take pictures of the landscape. Geger Beach has smooth white sand and clear blue waters, which look really good on camera. If you’re lucky, you can occasionally catch the seaweed farmers doing their work. 

12. Explore the cliffs at Balangan Beach

balangan beach at kuta bali

Image credit: Marina113 via Canva Pro

When you’re at Balangan Beach, explore the cliffs that provide the greatest view of the oceans below. Afterwards, you can check out the small hidden temples and caves located on the headland. If you stay ‘till late in the afternoon, it’s worth watching the sunset from the same spot, too. 

Surfers can go to Balangan Beach for a dance with the waves, specifically at Balangan Surf Point. Rehydrate with a coconut under a beach umbrella, and when you’re hungry, grab a meal at one of the nearby warungs.

13. Upside Down World Bali

In case you’re feeling whimsical, stop by the Upside Down World in Denpasar, Bali. This attraction consists of seven different rooms for you to explore. Following the theme, everything’s upside down, and it honestly makes for crazy pictures. 

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Kuta, Bali is a great place if you want to travel during the summer. You’ve got the sun, sand, and sea at your fingertips. Take this as a sign to start planning your beach paradise!

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