10 Best Destinations in the Philippines to Visit Even During the Rainy Season

10 Best Destinations in the Philippines to Visit Even During the Rainy Season

The rains bring a different charm to Philippine shores.

Best known for its white sand beaches and hot tropical weather, the Philippines stands out as the ultimate summer destination. At the same time, the Southeast Asian archipelago is notorious for its heavy rains. Tourism in the country peaks in summer, but if you plan to visit from June to February, it’s possible to get caught up in the rain. Fret not; there are still plenty of things to do and destinations you can visit in the Philippines, even during the rainy season. Just take your pick from the destinations below.

TripZilla Tip: Always check the weather forecast before travelling in the rainy season. Although the occasional rainshower is pleasant, you wouldn’t want to be caught in the middle of a bad typhoon!

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Best destinations in the Philippines during the rainy season

1. Cagayan de Oro

Rivers come to life during rainy season, which makes it perfect for an exciting rafting adventure! Thrill-seekers, get pumped up to try white water rafting in the Cagayan River. Not only will the experience give you a jolt of adrenaline rush, you will also get to see (and snap pictures of) the lush scenery along the river. But keep in mind: This is definitely not for the faint of heart.

Where to stay in Cagayan de Oro

Rain or shine, you’ll need a place to stay while exploring the City of Golden Friendship. If a chic escape is what you’re after, look no further than Seda Centrio — a modern hotel that was recently awarded as one of the winners of the 2023 Travel Excellence Awards by TripZilla — Business Star. Whether you’re in the city to work or explore, enjoy a comfortable travel experience with a Seda room or suite. 

Every room comes decked out in tasteful decor, plush beds, and contemporary amenities like free WiFi, HDTV, and a mini bar. Meanwhile, travellers willing to splurge can spring for a more premium room for additional luxuries such as a kitchenette and access to the exclusive Club Lounge. Explorers will also be happy to note that Seda Centrio is conveniently located right next to Centrio Mall. Cagayan de Oro attractions such as Opol Beach and Mapawa Nature Park are also an easy drive away.

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2. Cebu

philippines rainy season destinations

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Cebu is one of the cities I know that rarely experience rain, and it’s also not visited by typhoons as often as others. When my friends from other countries ask me which place I recommend them to go if it’s their first time in the country, I always tell them to visit this province. From mouthwatering food to pristine dive spots, Cebu is hard to beat! It’s home to countless gems, but start with Moalboal, Badian, Alcoy, or Oslob for a good beach experience even during the rainy season.

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3. Palawan

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Palawan is one of the most gorgeous destinations in the Philippines, whether it’s the summer months or the rainy season. Most people would agree: The province has some of the best beaches in the world! No matter what season you decide to visit this beautiful group of islands, you’re bound to have lots of fun. Even when the clouds roll in, you can still enjoy world-famous island-hopping tours, delicious seafood, and luxurious island experiences.

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4. Camarines Sur

If you cannot get enough of extreme sports and heart-pumping adventure, head to Camarines Sur. The province is home to the popular CamSur Watersports Complex (CWC), where adrenaline junkies can indulge in all sorts of exciting activities. Many travellers visit CWC for wakeboarding but if that’s not your thing, you can jet ski or even take a thrilling ATV ride to Mayon Volcano that’s two hours away from the complex. For travellers who are up for nonstop excitement, Camarines Sur is a no-brainer!

5. Siargao

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Chasing waves? The tides are usually more aggressive come rainy season. Just like river rafting, surfing is an exciting rainy day activity. And there’s no better place to paddle out than the surfing capital of the Philippines, Siargao. The waves are much higher from October, and there are plenty of surf spots you can check out on the island. The most popular one is Cloud 9, but there’s also Jacking Horse and Stimpy’s for a little variety. Eat. Sleep. Surf. Repeat.

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6. Laguna

philippines rainy season destinations

Pagsanjan River Canyon | Image credit: gionnixxx via Canva Pro

Pagsanjan Falls in Laguna is probably the most popular waterfall destinations in the Philippines, even during the rainy season. Although it is not the highest in terms of height, the view is still stunning, and it’s a great place to have a nice freshwater bath. If it’s not your thing, you can also try the hot springs in Laguna. There are many to choose from, including Casa Primera and Laguna Hot Springs.

7. Baguio

Although Baguio‘s chilly climes promise relief on scorching days, it’s not just the summer capital! During the rainy season, there are few cosier destinations to relax in the Philippines than this cool mountain city. Sip hot chocolate, hunker down in a cabin, and bask in pine-filled vistas. If you need to heat up, there are nearby hot springs for people who want to take a break from the cold. Take a dip at the popular Asin Hot Springs in Tablay, a 30-minute to one-hour drive from Baguio City.

8. Camiguin


Image credit: Celso Jr Salon

If you want a combination of colourful street displays and sweet lanzones, you have to go to Camiguin in October. The Lanzones Festival is one of the biggest festivals held during the rainy season — and as a bonus, you’ll get to eat as much of the sweet fruit as you want. On sunny days, book a tour to the famous white sand bar. 

9. Bukidnon


Image credit: Perry A. Dominguez

If you’re not letting the rainy season keep you from thrills and spills, we’ve got the place for you: Bukidnon is one of the underrated destinations for adventure buffs in the Philippines. Hiking, climbing, rappelling are only a few of the activities that thrill-seekers can try in the province. Go to Maramag to explore the Spring Resort Capital of Bukidnon, and of course, don’t miss Dahilayan Adventure Park!

10. Siquijor

Siquijor philippines rainy season destinations

Image credit: Killy Ridols

The country’s most mystical island, Siquijor is famous for being a place of magic and sorcery. But there’s more to it than enchantment and spooky legends. Even during the rainy season, there’s an abundance of things to see and do in Siquijor. Need your beach fix? Make a beeline for Salagdoong Beach or Larena Beach. If you want to get lost in nature and channel your inner Tarzan, then Cambugahay Falls is a worthwhile stop. 

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Travelling to this tropical country? Don’t let the weather keep the good times from rolling. Nothing should stop you from exploring the extraordinary destinations that the Philippines has to offer — rainy season or not! 

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