Binibeca Vell to Close Doors Due to Tourist Misbehavior

Binibeca Vell to Close Doors Due to Tourist Misbehavior

A reminder to be responsible tourists!

The allure of Instagram-worthy travel destinations can be a double-edged sword. This is the case for Binibeca Vell, a picturesque village in Menorca, Spain. Known for its whitewashed houses and narrow lanes, the village has become a magnet for tourists – and unfortunately, some tourists haven’t been behaving respectfully. The Spanish government aims to close Binibeca Vell’s doors to the public to regulate tourism.

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Binibeca Vell to close its doors due to irresponsible tourists

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Binibeca Vell has seen a dramatic rise in visitors, with numbers reaching 800,000 annually. This year, the influx is expected to hit a whopping one million. While tourism can be a boom for local businesses, residents are at their wit’s end. They’ve reported everything from littering and noise pollution to trespassing and disruptive outdoor parties.

The situation isn’t new. Since 2023, authorities have implemented measures to address the issue. One such initiative offered locals financial incentives to help clean up litter left behind by tourists. Additionally, current regulations restrict tourist access to the village between 11am and 8pm. However, these measures seem to be falling short.

The pressure on residents has reached a breaking point. Óscar Monge, representing the village’s property owners, has proposed a drastic solution: completely closing off the village interior to tourists. Visitors would still be able to admire the village from the coast, but access to the charming lanes — the very essence of Binibeca Vell’s appeal — would be off-limits.

Balancing tourism and quality of life

Binibeca Vell Close

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This situation highlights the delicate balance between tourism and the well-being of residents. While tourist dollars can revitalise local economies, unmanaged tourism can erode the very qualities that attract visitors in the first place.

The question of whether Binibeca Vell will completely close remains unanswered. One thing is clear: responsible tourism is crucial. Travellers have a responsibility to be respectful of local customs, maintain cleanliness, and avoid disruptive behaviour.

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If Binibeca Vell is to close its doors, don’t despair! Countless charming villages in Spain wait to be explored responsibly. So, do your research, plan your trip thoughtfully, and be a respectful guest wherever your travels take you.

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