23 Fun and Wacky Tourist Shots to Try on Your Next Trip

23 Fun and Wacky Tourist Shots to Try on Your Next Trip

Enough of the usual selfies and groufies. Try these crazy shots and be your own star!

You’re in a new destination, you snap a photo. There’s a cool landscape, you snap another photo. Aha! there’s a famous landmark, time to take a selfie and a groufie!

Aren’t you tired of documenting your travels with plain point and shoot? If you can’t squeeze out your brain’s creative juice, here are some fun and wacky tourist shots for you to experiment on your next trip.

1. Turn yourself into a car-eating monster

Image credit: twiga_269

2. Shrink like a dwarf

Image credit: stuart anthony

3. Get smaller

Image credit: David (Davo) Smith

4. And smaller like antman

Image credit: Kenzie Saunders

5. You can shrink landmarks too

Image credit: Eric Adamshick

6. Thirsty? Have a cup of waterfall

Image credit: stuart anthony

7. Hungry? Eat an entire rainbow

Image credit: Aaron Williamson

8. Or get a taste of pyramid

Image credit: Lorenia

9. Time to kick some ass

Image credit: Oisin Mulvihill

10. Nah, touching would be fine

Image credit: Ben Smith

11. Yeah, it’s really fine

Image credit: Kara van Malssen

12. You’re so powerful, you can deflate a hot air balloon

Image credit: Chaval Brasil

13. And even stop an airplane

Image credit: mackee_lee

14. To get this tiny creature off

Image credit: Mark Resabal

15. Hurray! You did it!

Image credit: Lorenia

16. Now, give yourself a break

Image credit: Steven Guzzardi

17. Relax, catch the sunrise

Image credit: Yuval Y

18. And spin a wheel

Image credit: David Dawson

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19. Still frustrated with life?

Image credit: William Chew

20. Climb a mountain and find peace

Image credit: Author’s own photo

21. But don’t get yourself killed

Image credit: Author’s own photo

22. Watchout! There’s a giant

Image credit: Mark Resabal

23. Looking for a true love’s kiss

Image credit: Mark Resabal

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