Toilet Waterfall Cascades in Foshan, China

Toilet Waterfall Cascades in Foshan, China

People are getting crazy over toilets! After the toilet-themed restaurant and museum, now China has a different expression of interest - a toilet waterfall!

toilet waterfall

Haven’t you noticed toilets are starting to rule the world? This private thing has become a centre of public interest from toilet-themed restaurants to toilet museums. Now, China has a waterfall of toilets!

This ‘toilet waterfall’ is an art installation made up of around 10,000 recycled toilet bowls, urinals and sinks. Installed last November 26, 2014, this 100-metre-long and 5-metre-tall toilet waterfall was supposedly part of the pottery and porcelain products tradeshow in Foshan, Guangdong province of China but now locals want to make it a part of the city landscape.

While the whole idea is mind blowing, no one would want to get a closer inspection of the “recycled” toilet stuff. Would you?

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Head down to China to view this crazy art installation before it’s gone.

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