Milford Sound – Could It Be The 8th Wonder of the World?

Milford Sound – Could It Be The 8th Wonder of The World?

Could New Zealand's Milford Sound be the 8th Wonder of the World? You judge!

Milford Sound

Just seeing this panoramic view of Milford Sound makes you want to add another wonder of the nature. How much more when you’re there? No doubt Rudyard Kipling hailed it as the 8th Wonder of the World. Many travel critics affirmed this place as New Zealand’s most famous tourist destination and one of the world’s top travel destinations.

Located southwest of New Zealand’s South Island, this fjord is a critical habitat of seals, penguins, dolphins and even whales. Canoeing, trekking and other exciting water sports can be done in the area while some companies provide overnight boat trips. There’s also an underwater tourist observatory to view black corals. Everything that Milford Sound has to offer draws thousands of tourists each day summing up to a million per year.

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