The Pee Bucket List: 24 Toilets Around the World to Pee in Before You Die

The Pee Bucket List: 24 Toilets Around the World to Pee in Before You Die

How many of these toilets around the world can you check off the list?

Think you’re quite the avid traveller? Not until until you can say you’ve used all the bathrooms featured below! Here are 24 toilets around the world you just gotta pee in before you die. Welcome to the world’s first Pee Bucket List!

1. India

toilets around worldImage credit: Denis Rebin

These toilets in India give the term “public bathroom” quite a literal meaning!

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2. Sweden

Image credit: Mararie

Even best friends aren’t this close to take a dump side by side, are they?

3. Pakistan

Image credit: hawkgrrrl22

When no toilet seat is available, create your own!

4. Singapore

Image credit: Beautiful.Taiwan

Answer the call of nature with nature’s landscape. Four walls just ain’t enough!

5. Australia

Image credit: Summit Business

No… really?

6. Australia

Image credit: Michael Coghlan

Another one from Australia! Sharing is caring, but this? Probably too much.

7. Afghanistan

Image credit: SusanA Secretariat

Oh dear. Not quite somewhere you’ll want to go before lunch!

8. Japan

Image credit: Joseph Brent

Warning: Press the buttons only when you’re seated. Those jets of water belong on your bum, not in your eyes!

9. China

Spoiler alert: skip this if you’re about to eat.

Image credit: Eva

Public toilet/Dumping ground? It’s a classic Chinese 2-in-1 combination.

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10. The Netherlands

Image credit: denAsuncioner

The little boys’ room, built for the big boys!

11. Iceland

Image credit: Greg Neate

Ready, aim, squirt! Boy do we pity those innocent faces.

12. Switzerland

Image credit: Paul Stocker

Man, that’s a lot of angst for a bathroom.

13. Greenland

Image credit: Simon Monk

In a land so vast and wide, little cubicles of privacy are few and far between.

14. Romania

Image credit: Karoly Czifra

Who’s gonna drink it all up?

15. Austria

Image credit: Dave Morris

Only in Austria do toilets, become art!

16. South Korea

Image credit: anokarina

Choose one suitable for your height! The Koreans really do think of everything.

17. South Korea

Image credit: Brian Yap

Another one from South Korea! Because didn’t you know? Toilets do run on electronic power.

18. Germany

Image credit: Herman Beun

What a poetic way to go!

19. Germany

Image credit: Thomas Schewe

Another one from Germany, where you can help save the environment by watering a plant!

20. Vietnam

Image credit: Zabara Alexander

Something about being on the waters makes your own water system get going, eh?

21. Belgium

Image credit: LHOON

Notice that flourishing green vegetation? All thanks to the continued contributions from man!

22. Ecuador

Image credit: Brian Henderson

Be careful! The walls are so shiny that your liquids might just… rebound.

23. Namibia

Image credit: Tee La Rosa

Only for the brave! Those teeth do look mighty sharp.

24. Outer Space

Image credit: Necessary Evil

Come on, how many people can actually say they took a piss in outer space?

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So, how many of these bathrooms can you check off the list? Happy peeing, y’all!

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