Tokyo Olympic Village Food Is Now Being Sold in 7-Eleven Stores in Japan

Tokyo Olympic Village Food Is Now Being Sold in 7-Eleven Stores in Japan

Ready to make a sprint to the konbini for these?

We’ve previously talked about the food served at the Tokyo Olympic Village, which we were able to see from TikTok posts by international athletes. The place practically had had two dining halls with over 700 meal options, so we can’t blame you if you felt low-key FOMO from that. We know we did! 

Well, what if we told you that you can grab some Olympic Village food, too? All you’ve gotta do is visit one of the 7-Eleven stores across Japan! (Okay, so maybe it’s not that accessible for most of us, but still.) 

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What to expect from 7-Eleven Japan’s Olympic Village food menu

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For most people who have been to Japan, the food is certainly among the top reasons why they’d keep coming back. And this is no different for many of the Olympic athletes who made the most out of their stay. Now, 7-Eleven Japan is giving the public the same opportunity by offering select Japanese dishes offered during Tokyo 2020. 

This limited-time menu has the following four dishes:

  • Cold somen noodles in tomato sauce, topped with tomato, okra, steamed chicken and shiso leaves
  • Rice bento set featuring fried salmon with honey lemon dressing and chicken with tomato sauce
  • Summer oden set featuring fish cake and veggies steeped in cold dashi broth
  • Green zunda (sweet edamame paste) panna cotta
olympic village food

Image credit: kokobucamera

All these Olympic Village food items can be found at all 7-Eleven Japan stores. 

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All product photos in the featured image are credited to 7-Eleven Japan | Official Website

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