Reasons Why Australia Stole My Heart

Reasons Why Australia Stole My Heart

Filipino-born Young Campbell shares on why she loves Australia, the place she now calls home.

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why live in australia

Autumn in Australia

As a country located within the tropical zone, Philippines, has only two “seasons” – wet and dry. As I was born and raised there, I never got to experience what feels like to have winter or autumn. I guess this is one of the reasons why I like living here in Australia.

Autumn, my favourite season, has just started. Even if our street looks dull because of the brown maple leaves scattered all over the ground, I still find it very beautiful. I also find joy when the cold wind blows during winter. I am constantly in awe whenever the Magnolia tree in our front yard starts to produce flowers during spring. However, the scorching Australian summer is definitely a different story altogether. Besides enjoying the different seasons, here are some of the other reasons why I like Australia.

People follow escalator etiquette

Image credit: Jorge Lascar

People understand and abide by the rules that if you should always keep to the left of the escalator so that people who are in a hurry can move freely on the right. I truly appreciate this habit because it is orderly, convenient and polite. We do not do this in the Philippines but it doesn’t mean that Filipinos are being impolite. I guess it is just because our “escalator culture” doesn’t dictate any rules when riding the escalator. Hence, we stand wherever we want. Nowadays, the concept has been slowly introduced to some of the shopping centres in the Philippines. Hopefully, in the near future, people will start to follow it diligently.

Their train etiquette promotes orderliness

Early morning train ride

Always let people alight before getting onboard the train. Although this concept is simple, I feel that the competitive side of human nature sometimes rejects that. Throughout my time here, I’ve only encountered only once, some people who didn’t follow this. They blocked our way out and I almost missed my stop because of them. But it’s alright, I hope that they will one day learn to be courteous when boarding, just like the rest of the people here.

I get to go on road trips

why live in australia

Image credit: Phillip Capper

why live in australia

Jacaranda trees in Kirribilli

Australia is undeniably blessed with beautiful sceneries. I love going on road trips to discover them for myself. The blue-coloured mountains of western Sydney, the secret hidden beauty of Little Bay in New South Wales, the Jacaranda trees in Kirribilli, the sunsets in Bondi beach and Cronulla… I could go on forever. Australia is like photographer’s playground, all these sights and sounds are just waiting to be explored.

I don’t have to pay entrance fees when going to the beach or a National Park

Yes, you read it right. There are no entrance fees here. I like the feeling that I can actually benefit from the tax that I contribute. Whenever we get a chance, my family and I would go on a road trip heading to the beach or a nearby park along with some store-bought sushi or a home cooked lunch for a picnic and just unwind. Life is good.

I get to meet and interact with people of different cultures on a daily basis

Before I moved to Australia, I realised that what I knew very little about the world outside of Davao City. I only knew that the flag of Nepal had two triangles one on top of the other. I didn’t know that the Nepalese had similar features to Indians. I had no idea where Armenia was, until I met some Armenians, right here, in Australia.

I will forever be thankful to my Irish friend who enthusiastically cheered me during my first few days at work. You were right mate, I will be fine. While living here, I’ve got to meet people from different countries and cultures – from Cuba, Yugoslavia and Chile to Scotland, Romania and Italy… and even Austria, China, South Korea and Zimbabwe! I really appreciate the multiculturalism here, it has helped me grow and learn a lot.

It’s not weird or awkward to read a book in public

I personally love reading on my daily commute to work or back home, but whenever I read in public back in the Philippines, I always seem to get this odd look from people around me. It made me feel that I was doing something embarrassing and beyond the norms. I’m glad to say that the geek side of me has found a home in the land Down Under.

People throw their own rubbish in the bin after eating at fast food shops

why live in australia

Image credit: Sardaka

I just love the idea of cleaning up your own mess because it teaches people to be more responsible and kind. I appreciate how they diligently practise it here.

Impressively talented street performers are all over the city

Image credit: Bokeh-licious

There are just so many gifted buskers here. From singers, dancers and musicians to beatboxers and acrobats… you’ll be blown away by their talents. I even met a Japanese boy named Yuya once, he wrote Japanese Kanji calligraphy for free simply because he wanted to sharpen his skills.

The reasons written above are mainly based on my experiences and opinions. There are a lot more reasons why I find Australia amazing; but I think the main reason is that this country allows me a greater opportunity to turn my goals and dreams into reality. For that, I am forever grateful.

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