Calling All Millennials! Here's How You Can Visit Countries, Make New Friends Overseas, and Still Beef Up Your Resume

Calling All Millennials! Here’s How You Can Visit Countries, Make New Friends Overseas, and Still Beef Up Your Resume

Experience the opportunity of a lifetime: gain valuable experiences and make new friends from all over the world in one trip!

Calling all millennials! It may sound crazy, but did you know that it’s possible for you to travel all over Southeast Asia and beyond… without blowing your savings? What’s more, you’ll make plenty of new friends, get networking opportunities you won’t have on a normal holiday, and have something amazing to put on your resume too!

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If you’re jumping out of your seat with excitement at this prospect, check this out: the National Youth Council in Singapore is on the lookout for passionate, adventurous youths to participate in their amazing international programmes! These include:

And many more!

These programmes include bilateral and multilateral conferences, as well as cultural learning journeys organised and/or supported by the national youth bodies of the host country, particularly ASEAN member states. It’s an opportunity you can’t afford to miss! Here’s more information on what you can look forward to:

1. Create new, long-lasting friendships that transcend borders

The best part of any journey is the company! National Youth Council’s International Programmes are perfect for you if you love meeting new people, socialising and fostering global friendships. On the Ship for Southeast Asian and Japanese Youth Programme (SSEAYP), you’ll have the unique opportunity to be on board the Nippon Maru Ship for 50 days with 300 other fellow participants from ASEAN countries and Japan. Along the way, you’ll make stops at other ASEAN countries and Japan, where you’ll meet even more friendly youths and experience life with locals through homestays.

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The same goes for other National Youth Council’s International Programmes too! These Cultural Exchange Programmes are shorter exchange programmes for youths ranging from 3 – 10 days, to other ASEAN countries. Through learning journeys, Model Summits and workshops, you’ll have plenty of time to interact with other youths. You may be separated by distance, but the memories you forge together will last a lifetime! Make new friends from all over the world, and build long-lasting friendships today.

2. Build greater cross-cultural understanding and a global outlook

With the advent of globalisation and increased interconnectedness, it’s so important for youths to appreciate and celebrate diversity. And National Youth Council’s International Programmes are a spectacular way to experience unique cultures around Asia! You’ll visit amazing cultural monuments, take part in dialogues with international participants, live amongst locals and much more! All this exposure to other countries, cultures, and locals will certainly shape your perspective towards global issues and foster a greater understanding of the various social issues each country experiences differently.

For example, on the ASEAN-India Students Exchange Programme, you’ll get to visit significant cultural sites in cities like Bangalore and Delhi that are simply brimming with history and tradition! What better platform is there to enhance your cultural knowledge while having lots of fun? As you broaden your understanding of different cultures, you’ll gain a newfound sensitivity towards diversity and be more adept at fostering better relations between people of different countries.

3. Engage in discussions about social issues you believe in

National Youth Council’s International Programmes give you the opportunity to debate on issues and causes that you believe in. This includes discussion group sessions where delegates learn about and speak up on environmental issues, media, and technology, health, education and more! This builds a basis for you to generate awareness on topics that interest you and foster connections with like-minded youths, entrepreneurs, and businesspeople.

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You never know, you could end up working together to create something truly beneficial and impactful to society. The programme could even help to kickstart your career as a diplomat, in an NGO, or anything you like!

4. Serve the community while nurturing your aspirations

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When you take part in programmes such as the Ship for Southeast Asian and Japanese Youth Programme (SSEAYP), it’s not just a chance for you to venture out of your home country and travel to other ASEAN countries or Japan. It’s a precious opportunity for you to contribute to the development and preservation of a national cultural identity for Asia and Japan as well! As representatives of your home country, you shape the perspectives of others towards your culture and society through your exchanges, discussions, and activities. It’s an important role to play in serving the society and country’s interests at heart!

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In addition, if you’ve always had interest in aspects such as international relations, foreign affairs, social and cultural issues, community involvement projects and the like, these international programmes supported by the National Youth Council are perfect for you. As you get involved in various projects, performances, and local visits, you’ll be able to glean insightful knowledge on your areas of interest. These experiences will go a long way in shaping your outlook on your life and career aspirations, as you gain a clearer understanding of your strengths, capabilities, and issues you are passionate about. The time spent abroad will also help to nurture your independence, resilience, and tenacity to stay unfazed despite occasional hiccups or problems you might encounter.

5. Travel for less (and gain so much more in return)

The cherry on top of the cake? You’ll even get to try delicious food that you’ve only seen photos of, take pictures with beautiful landmarks, and learn about different cultures as you traverse the region!

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If you’re a Singaporean citizen aged 18-35 and are energetic, committed and keen to network, there’s nothing else that should be holding you back! Check out the National Youth Council’s International Programmes and get ready to travel, while making a significant impact on the Southeast Asian region. It’s bound to be a meaningful, enriching and fun trip that you’ll never forget! Share this awesome news with all your friends and sign up for your favourite programme now.

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