Mong Chin: The Singaporean Who Joined 6 Runs in 6 Different Countries

Meet Mong Chin, A Social Media Influencer Who Participated in 6 Consecutive Runs in 6 Different Countries

Looking good while running? This is how it’s done.

Not everyone can proudly claim that they have done six runs in six countries consecutively, but popular Singaporean Instagram star, Mong Chin, can. This was part of her Who Runs the World with Mong Chin digital-only show on A+E Networks’ LIFETIME Asia back in 2018! The running enthusiast pounded the pavements in Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, and Singapore.

Out of all her runs, Mong Chin said that she enjoyed the Illumi Run, which took place in Singapore, the most. Not because she’s patriotic, but because she liked the fun aspect of it, and that she got to meet her fans along the running route.

Highlights of her tour

Mong Chin
There were many highlights during her trips, but a few stand out. Her run up Mount Rinjani, for example, was one. Since she participated in an easier version of the Rinjani 100 ultramarathon, she was afforded the opportunity to take in the sights due to the more relaxed pace. The view, according to her, was breathtaking and was made even more enjoyable by the pleasant weather.

In Cebu, Mong Chin had a feast at Larsian Sa Fuente, a market of sorts where diners get to pick ingredients showcased and have it cooked for them.

Mong Chin

For this busy jetsetter and social media star, it doesn’t come as a surprise when she says that her travel essentials include a travel adaptor and her camera. Her travel calendar is looking packed for the near future, which includes a trip to Santorini for her pre-wedding shoot later this year.

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Favourite travel memories

When asked about her most memorable travel memory, Mong Chin was quick to reply that the six months she spent in Grenoble, France, as an exchange student was one of her best yet, as she had the chance to visit 25 cities in Europe in that time.

Her travel bucket list? The United States – a country she has yet to visit. More specifically, Los Angeles, New York, and Hawaii!

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