Find Your Perfect Macao Itinerary: 3D2N Trips for 4 Types of Travellers

Exploring Macao According to Your Travel Style: 3D2N Itineraries for 4 Types of Travellers in Summer

Meet Macao’s many faces. Here, we break down the best ways to spend 72 hours in town.

Despite its size, Macao comes packed with mighty experiences. The glittering East Asian destination lives up to your greatest expectations; beyond the world-famous entertainment, the city-state buzzes with cultural gems, exhilarating thrills, culinary delights, and glitzy shopping spots. 

We’re telling you: Whatever you want, you’ll find it in Macao. Even on a short three-day getaway, it’s bound to captivate and enthral. Planning a quick trip to the Vegas of the East? Keep reading; we’ve plotted four different Macao itinerary options to suit every kind of traveller!

Mid-year blues? Travel to Macao this summer to experience all the excitement of the region! This month, Macao sets the stage for a variety of events, from traditional feasts to tasty gastronomic celebrations.

Visit Macao Government Tourism Office for everything you need to know about making your dream holiday a reality.

Plan your Macao holiday

3D2N Macao itineraries for summer holidays in East Asia

For the adventurer chasing thrills

Day 1 – Bungee jumps and cable cars

Up for adventure? From heart-stopping leaps to floating through the sky, there’s a host of thrilling things to do in Macao to keep restless adventurers occupied over a long weekend. 

The first order of business in an adventure-filled Macao itinerary is bungee jumping. Jumping off any building takes guts, but leaping off the Skypark Macau Tower is especially spine-tingling as it’s the world’s highest commercial bungee jump from a building. Let’s just say, we don’t blame you if the nerves start taking over just before launching yourself off the edge! Hours of fun await at Skypark; they also offer other thrills such as the skywalk and tower climb. 

If you’ve gotten your fill of adrenaline-pumping activities but are still eager to enjoy killer views, a cable car ride may be a great way to wind down your first day in Macao. Hop on the Guia Hill Cable Car for a quick but fun ride enjoying panoramic vistas of the peninsula from above. 

Day 2 – Indoor skydiving and immersive ziplining

goairbourne indoor skydiving

GoAirborne | Image credit: GoAirborne Macau Official Facebook Page

Fearless travellers still craving to play in the air can follow up their first day of bungee jumping with an indoor skydiving experience at the GoAirborne facility in Taipa. It’s not quite as nerve-wracking as bungee jumping, but still enough of an adrenaline rush to satiate daredevils visiting Macao. And if you get hooked on the thrill? Enlist a personal coach at GoAirborne and tackle the sport with a customised training plan. 

Near GoAirborne is another hub for adventure lovers: ZIPCITY Macau. The first-ever immersive zipline experience with state-of-the-art audio-visual effects designed to make the ride as exciting as ever, the futuristic ZIPCITY is a spectacular attraction for travellers who love zooming through the air. 

Prefer to mix it up? Skip the air sports and opt for land-based thrills at the Coloane Karting Track, the only permanent go-karting track in Macao. 

Day 3 – Nature adventures

On the last day of your three-day Macao itinerary, take some time to explore nature. Small as the region may be, it’s home to beautiful nature spots that are ripe for adventure. For instance, the Hác Sá Long Chao Kok Family Trail on Coloane Island. A scenic coastal trail with lovely views coming with every step, it’s a relatively easy 45-minute trek that will take you through seascapes, rock formations, and lush flora. 

Looking for spectacular views? The mountainside Grand Taipa Hiking Trail is another great option for adventurous travellers who want to reach Taipa’s highest point. 

hac sa beach

Image credit: rheins

After an hour or so taking on rugged Macao trails, you may be ready for a break — and is there a better way to cool down than spending a few hours at the beach? 

The most popular seaside hotspot in the Macao region is undoubtedly Hac Sa Beach, a kilometre-long black-sand beach in Coloane. The smaller Cheoc Van Beach is also a good alternative for travellers who prefer a picturesque beach with fewer tourists. 

For the foodie eager to sample Macao’s mouthwatering cuisine

Day 1 – Coloane

macao foodie itinerary egg tarts

Lord Stow’s Bakery egg tarts | Image credit: Lord Stow’s Bakery Official Instagram Page

Trust us, there’s no going hungry in Macao. A UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy, it’s home to a dizzying array of traditional and innovative dishes that leave most foodies wanting more. Local Macanese cuisine is a flavourful fusion of Chinese and Portuguese influences — a unique blend that you should definitely dive into when exploring the region. 

Kick off your three-day gastronomic adventure with a relaxed breakfast of a true Macao staple: egg tarts. Simple, sweet, and delightfully flaky, it’s a delicious way to wake up and kick off a day of sightseeing (or eating). And so, head straight to Lord Stow’s Bakery in the charming coastal town of Coloane for a bite of what many say is the best egg tart in Macao. 

You’ll find picturesque old-world sights in Coloane Village, including the pretty St. Francis Xavier Chapel. Nestled on Rua do Caetano, the chapel is surrounded by family-owned restaurants and charming little cafes — you won’t have any problem finding a lunch spot when you find yourself hungry. 

Don’t leave without making your way to one of many Portuguese restaurants in Coloane. From rustic eateries to upscale dining spots, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to sample some of the best Portuguese cuisine outside of Portugal. Don’t skip crowd favourites like the iconic pastel de nata, as well as seafood specialities like bacalhau (salted cod), and cataplana (fish stew). This is a seaside destination, after all — you’re sure to savour some of the best seafood in the region here!

Day 2 – Taipa

Pork chop bun | Image credit: Eugene_Sim via Canva Pro

Get up bright and early on the second and final day of your weekend itinerary in Macao. Today, explore Taipa Island, a destination hailed by many as the standout dining spot in the entire region.

Scarf down the famous Macanese pork buns for breakfast; savoury, succulent, and very filling, it’s the ultimate morning pick-me-up, if you ask us. Luckily, you won’t have a hard time finding pork buns in Macao — they’re everywhere! Pair it with a cup of hot coffee, and you’re all set for eating your way through Taipa. 

Looking for lesser-known gastronomic gems? Make a stop in the colourful Calçada do Quartel, a fantastic place to uncover hole-in-the-wall restaurants, hip cafes, and rooftop bars. Before moving on to the next item on your foodie hit list, hang out and soak in the laidback vibes of this corner in Macao.

Famished, again? No Macao itinerary is complete without checking out Broadway Food Street, the premier destination for a global culinary adventure. Besides a thriving street food scene, explore traditional hotpot spots and international restaurants serving Japanese, Korean, Mexican, and Mediterranean cuisine, among others. In the mood for Portuguese-style baked duck rice? Or perhaps you’re more inclined to savour beef offals? Either way — or any other craving in between — you’ll find a dish that hits the right spot on Broadway. 

Foodie travellers with enough energy and appetite for a nightcap can take a detour to the Cotai area before winding down for the day. 

Day 3 – Macao Peninsula

senado square macao itinerary

Senado Square | Image credit: Alexander Pyatenko via Canva Pro

Next on your foodie Macao itinerary is the Macao Peninsula. There’s a dizzying abundance of culinary gems in the tourist centre of the region. It can be overwhelming to first-time tourists, but fortunately, the peninsula is small enough to hit all the highlights within a day. 

When in Macao, we recommend checking out the famous Senado Square, a beloved tourist draw with everything from regional Chinese cuisine to Portuguese fare to speciality coffee. 

Doesn’t afternoon tea sound nice after a hearty lunch? Don’t worry; you’ll have your pick of refined spots in Macao for a delicious tea experience. Our favourites include Vasco Bar and Lounge at Artyzen Grand Lapa Macau and Lobby Lounge at Mandarin Oriental Macau

Pretty soon, you’ll find that it’s time for supper. Take the crew for a vibrant night out at the Macau Fisherman’s Wharf, a popular development teeming with hotel, dining, and entertainment options. It’s especially famous for recreating iconic European landmarks, from an ancient Roman amphitheatre to opulent Venetian palaces — who knew you could get a glimpse of these wonders in Macao, right? 

And of course, you’re at the Fisherman’s Wharf to eat; expect a diverse collection of international restaurants. Grab an al fresco table to make the most of the buzzy atmosphere on the last day in Macao. 

For the culture vulture seeking to soak in the sights

Day 1 – Macao Peninsula

temple macao itinerary

A-Ma Temple | Image credit: Macao Tourism Board Official Website

An eclectic mix of different cultures, traditions, architecture, and cuisines, the small but mighty peninsula is densely packed with historic gems. And best of all, travellers can see all the best cultural sites in Macao, even with a short three-day itinerary!

Troop to the A-Ma Temple first; it’s a must in the tourist circuit as the oldest temple in the region. The first pavilion was built in the 15th century — way before the city of Macao even came into existence! Roam the sacred spaces of the temple, then pop in the nearby Mandarin’s House to get a peek at a historic Chinese residence. Then once you’ve explored enough of the site, drop by St. Lawrence’s Church and St. Joseph’s Seminary and Church for even more sacred sites in the area. 

Next up: Senado Square, a part of the Historic Centre of Macao that’s filled with colourful historical buildings such as the General Post Office, Leal Senado Building, and St. Dominic’s Church. It’s easy to get lost and spend hours wandering the square, but if you have time left, wind down your Macao itinerary by exploring the region’s creative spirit. Two of the coolest art hubs on the peninsula include the Macao Museum of Art and Albergue SCM.

Day 2 – Taipa

Taipa Houses–Museum | Image credit: Leung Cho Pan via Canva Pro

Continue your cultural journey of Macao by kicking off the day at the Museum of Taipa and Coloane History in Taipa. A rich collection of relics and exhibits that tell the story of the Taipa and Coloane, the museum offers an opportunity for culture vultures to dive deeper into the heritage of the Macao region. Tourists may peek into Tin Hau Temple and Pak Tai Temple nearby.

The historical museum also sits near another gem of a find: Taipa Houses–Museum, a museum complex with five pastel-hued heritage homes showcasing life during Macao’s colonial era. Other fantastic spots in Taipa that draw in a cultured crowd include Our Lady of Carmel Church, I Leng Temple, and Carmo Hall.

Day 3 – Coloane

macao itinerary

Image credit: trusjom via Canva Pro

Soak in more of Macao’s storied culture on the third day of your itinerary. Today, it’s time to turn your sights to Coloane — farther from the buzzier areas of the region, yet just as rich in heritage. 

Case in point: the temples of Coloane. Small as the village may be, it’s home to a number of temples that are worth a visit, from Tam Kong Temple dedicated to the god of seafarers to the Ancient Temple of Tin Hau in Coloane, the oldest temple on the island. And of course, the Chapel of St. Francis Xavier is not to be missed. As it’s one of the most recognisable buildings in Macao, make sure you snap at least a few pictures of the iconic yellow church when you pass by!

Another underrated Coloane spot is Nossa Senhora Village of Ká Hó, where you’ll find the Church of the Lady of Sorrows and the former site of Ká Hó Leprosarium. Few tourists get to explore this part of Macao; if you’re looking to escape the crowds, make sure you squeeze this into your three-day itinerary. 

For the shopaholic ready to splurge

Day 1 – Senado Square and New Yaohan

senado square

Senado Square | Image credit: TerrySze

Travelling to Macao to shop till your wallet is empty? We don’t blame you; the region is chock full of luxury and budget shopping spots for anyone willing to splurge. 

For many travellers, the number one shopping hub in the region is the historic Senado Square. Boutique shops and famous brands line the pedestrian-only alleys of the colourful UNESCO World Heritage Site — a shopaholic’s paradise where we can truly spend hours lost in!

Later, make your way to New Yaohan, a one-stop department store selling a wide range of clothing, home accessories, and food items, among others. The eight-storey building caters both to mid-range shoppers and bargain hunters, and with budget-friendly food options, it’s a great place to visit on a shopping itinerary in Macao. Alternatively, Sam Domingo’s Market is a shopping street that’s more suited to mid-range to high-end shopaholics. 

Day 2 – Taipa Flea Market and Shoppes at Sands Cotai Central

taipa flea market macao itinerary

Taipa Flea Market | Image credit: Macao Tourism Board Official Website

There’s a timeless appeal to flea markets that true-blue shopaholics won’t deny. Find bargains galore at Taipa Flea Market, a smorgasbord of everything under the sun, from traditional craftworks to toys to fashion accessories. It’s one of the best places in Macao for bargain shopping, so this is your stop if you’re looking to save some bucks while souvenir shopping. 

Got a little more cash in your pocket? Find your way to Shoppes at Sands Cotai Central to discover the more sophisticated side of shopping in Taipa. Expect elegant designer brands and standard lifestyle brands — everything you might see in a sprawling mall in other destinations. Families tend to enjoy visiting Shoppes as the mall has kid-friendly playgrounds and attractions for youngsters.  

Day 3 – Rua de Sao Paulo

macao itinerary

Image credit: aleph via Canva Pro

If you still have a bit of your budget on the third day of your Macao itinerary, then take the time to explore other shopping hotspots on the peninsula. 

Travellers on the lookout for beautiful antiques should make a detour to Rua de Sao Paulo or Dasanba Street. A lively street lined with antique shops, old-fashioned buildings, and eateries, it’s an excellent place to pick up souvenirs that are built to last, from delicate porcelain to traditional wood carvings. 

Shopping for cheap fabrics and clothes? Make a beeline for Cinema Alegria Night Market for affordable wear. For more budget-friendly shopping options, Three Lamps District is also a local favourite. Rua dos Ervanarios, Rua de Nossa Senhora do Amparo, and hipster enclave Pátio de Chôn Sau are also popular for their wide array of knick-knacks. 

Plan your Macao itinerary with Macao Government Tourism Office for a captivating time in the region, whether you’re in town for adventure, food, sightseeing, or shopping — or all of the above!

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Looking for a sweet escape this summer? No matter what you’re travelling for, you’ll find that there’s a full weekend Macao itinerary waiting for you. The only problem is, you might never want to leave. 

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