Malaysian Company Gifts Staff Bonus So They Can Travel Home

Malaysian Company Gifts Staff a Bonus So They Can Go Home After Travel Restrictions Lifted

Such a warm gesture!

On Saturday, 10 October 2021, Malaysia finally lifted its interstate travel restrictions. For many Malaysians who were stuck in one place for months and unable to see their families and friends, the resumption of interstate travel in the country was akin to a breath of fresh air in an otherwise challenging year. 

Since the announcement, many have already made travel plans to return to their hometowns. Some were looking forward to some deserved time off from work while others simply wanted to reunite with loved ones. 

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Helping staff to reunite with families

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In the midst of all this, one particular Tweet has been gaining attention in the Malaysia Twitterverse. On 11 October 2021, Malaysian Twitter user, Nik Akmal, posted a heartwarming message that he received in his work Telegram group. 

Addressed to all the members of the chat, the message was an announcement, presumably by Akmal’s employers. It read: 

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Image credit: Nik Akmal 

“In line with the reopening of state borders and interstate travel, the company has agreed to pay each permanent staff member a one-off bonus of RM250 (around US$60). We hope this small gesture can help lessen the financial cost of travelling home to reunite with loved ones”. 

The message goes on to mention that the bonus payment would be credited to their employees by 15 October and urged those who had friends and family in high-risk groups to get tested before travelling home. 

In less than 24 hours, the Tweet has gathered almost 3,000 likes and has been retweeted more than 1,000 times! Many Malaysians commented on what a thoughtful gesture this was. Some even cheekily asked about job openings! And guess what, Akmal replied that the company was indeed looking to hire! 

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Upon further checking, we’ve found out that the company in question is Training Cube International, an organisation that specialises in providing training solutions to SMEs. 

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It’s certainly nice to see a company going above and beyond to care for their employees, especially at a time like this! 

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