Malaysians Can Now Travel Interstate and Out of the Country!

Malaysians Can Now Travel Interstate and Out of the Country!

Travel is finally opening in Malaysia!

After months of staying at home, Malaysians finally have reason to celebrate! On Sunday, 10 October, the country’s Prime Minister announced that interstate travel in the country would finally resume today (11 October). 

This was in line with the Premier’s promise to lift interstate travel restrictions immediately once 90% of the adult population in the country were fully vaccinated. In addition, Malaysia’s government also announced that all domestic travel activities would also restart immediately.

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Not only can Malaysians travel to meet with friends and relatives they’ve not seen since May 2021, but they can now also go on holiday! However, according to the government, only those with proof of vaccinations can travel across state borders.  

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No more roadblocks for interstate travel in Malaysia

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The Prime Minister also explained that there will be no more roadblocks at state borders. This was because checking the vaccination status of every passenger would be unrealistic and impossible. Instead, the police will conduct random spot checks and those caught travelling without a valid vaccination cert will be reprimanded. 

Following the announcement, politicians from across the divide took to Twitter to support the move. They also urged the people to be responsible and to travel safely. Among the suggestions mooted by Health Minister, Khairy Jamaluddin, was for travellers to test themselves before their trip. 

Jamaluddin also reiterated that current SOPs for leisure and entertainment outlets will remain. At present, activities like watching a movie at the cinema, shopping for non-essential goods, or dining in at eateries are privileges only fully vaccinated individuals can enjoy. This is verified by store managers by requiring patrons to present a valid digital vaccination certificate. 

Travelling out of Malaysia is also allowed

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There was even more joy for avid travellers in Malaysia when the Prime Minister announced the semi-lifting of international travel restrictions!

Previously, Malaysians looking to travel overseas had to apply for a MyTravel Pass.  Only those who had to travel for essential purposes, such as business or emergencies, could apply. Following the PM’s presser though, the MyTravel Pass will now be abolished. That means,  Malaysians can now travel overseas freely, including, to quote the PM, “for tourism purposes”. 

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Like interstate travel, this privilege is only possible for those with a valid vaccination certificate. However, upon returning home, travellers will still have to undergo a 14-day quarantine period. They can choose to undergo quarantine at a designated facility or at their own homes.

While Malaysians can travel out of the country, Malaysia’s borders remain closed to foreign tourists except for essential travel. 

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One of the best countries in terms of vaccinations

In all the commotion about the lifting of travel restrictions in Malaysia, one aspect that was overlooked was what made all this possible. Malaysia’s vaccination coverage is currently one of the best in the world and the second-best in Asia, behind only Singapore. 

This is in stark contrast to where the country was just a few months ago. It just goes to show how vaccinations really do work! Hopefully, more countries will soon follow in reopening because, let’s be honest, we all need a long, deserved break after the past two years! 

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