12 Instaworthy Locations in Johor You’ll Surely Fall in Love With

Photo Trail: 12 Instaworthy Locations in Johor You’ll Surely Fall in Love With

Get ready to take pretty pictures all the way.

Humans love aesthetically pleasing things, so places with good views can always light up our moods. If you are in Johor and would like to go on a photo trail, here’s our list of 12 Insta-worthy locations to check out. Anytime is a good time for an Instagram feed update!

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1. Desastay Santai D’Sawah, Muar

When we mention Johor, I’m sure most people think of glitzy shopping malls and street food in JB. You probably wouldn’t picture sprawling rice fields. However, there’s actually a place in Muar, Johor where you’ll be greeted by vast expanses of green paddy field — the Desastay Santai D’Sawah

Here, you’ll find verdant fields that stretch as far as the eye can see, exuding a serene atmosphere that doubles up as a good location for ambient photoshoots. Other than the view, there are also artful installations, like a rainbow staircase and colourful lamps here to add a splash of colour to your Instagram feed. Once you’re hungry, you can also enjoy authentic Malay food at the various eateries in the area. 

2. Nictar Farm

Did you know that Johor is the largest pineapple-producing state in Malaysia? 

If you’ve ever wanted to get an up-close and personal look at how the pineapple industry works, head to Nictar Farm or Nictar Pineapple Park. Simply put, it is a farm where you get to learn about pineapples and savour freshly picked pineapples and pineapple-flavoured products. The farm is open every day from 8am to 5pm, so feel free to bring your family here for a fun day sipping on pineapple juices whilst surrounded by Instaworthy greenery. There are also some fish and rabbits here that you can play with. 

3. Pulau Rawa

Just in case you don’t know yet, Johor has many gorgeous beaches and islands, perfect for island hopping as well as a weekend getaway. One of the most beautiful islands is Pulau Rawa. Whether you are looking for a fun snorkeling experience with adorable corals and clownfish or a stunning beachside view while sipping on cocktails at night, here, you get the best of both worlds. Don’t forget to also check out iconic attractions like the Water Slide by the jetty and the Hilltop of Rawa Island for a spectacular view of the South China sea. 

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4. Old Street Commercial Centre in Batu Pahat

True to its name, the Old Street Commercial Centre in Batu Pahat brings you back to the old times with its retro exterior design. Here, the look of your favourite retail shops and cafes all boast uniquely nostalgic Colonial designs that are great for pictures. 

Open daily from 10am to 11pm, there is also a garden named the Old Street Sky Park located on the rooftop, featuring two romantic photo corners which will make you feel as if you just entered a real-life setting in a fairy tale. 

5. Putuo Village, Kulai

Check out one of the most beautiful places to go in Johor, Putuo Village in Kulai, a spiritual sanctuary perfect for a little escape from hectic city life. This Buddhist sanctuary features plenty of religious statues but more importantly, Putuo Village houses many gorgeous photo-taking spots around the temple. 

For instance, the purple bamboo valley features a rainbow-coloured pathway, as well as colourful flags and hanging Chinese-style umbrellas. A heart-shaped nest and several inflatable pandas can also be found hanging around the bamboo plants. Make a wish at the massive wishing tree or have a cup of black bamboo ice cream while indulging in the serenity here.

Note: For non-locals, there is an entrance fee of RM10. 

6. Desaru Beach

places to go in Johor: Desaru Beach

Image credit: M.Fildza Fadzil

I’m sure most Malaysians have heard of Desaru before. After all, this coastal attraction is one of the most idyllic holiday spots in Johor, and for good reason! If you miss getting sunkissed and the sound of beach waves, head to Desaru Beach, famous for its smooth white sand and emerald waters. 

There are tons of resorts and businesses here offering great beach activities like barbecues, kayaking, parachuting, and more. Don’t forget to have a delicious seafood feast here before heading home! 

7. Mersing Street Art Mural

Mersing is a coastal town located in Johor, home to famous islands like the aforementioned Pulau Rawa and Pulau Tioman. Nevertheless, besides the beach days you can enjoy here, Mersing is also where you can find interesting and creative murals. Head to Samudera, where you will find colourful murals adorning the walls of the alleys and streets.  With its historical buildings and ambient alleyways, we’re sure the town of Mersing is a photographer’s dream playground!

While you’re here, check out the blue and white mosque: Masjid Jamek Bandar Mersing, Mersing’s Harbour Centre for some coffee, and the vibrant Hindu temple: Kuil Sri Subramaniam Mersing.

8. Senibong Cove

Speaking of instaworthy places to go in Johor, head to Senibong Cove, a resort-style destination with extensive activities and restaurants as well as magnificent sights. Located along the Johor Strait, Senibong Cove is where you can experience living on the waters’ edge of the Lunchoo River, with activities such as water skiing, paddle boarding, fishing, canoeing, surfing, and other watersports available. 

There’s also a two-kilometre-long boardwalk along the water’s edge where you can get a perfect picture of the sunrise and sunset, and tons of retail and dining spots, truly a place for some good food and good vibes. 

9. Kota Iskandar

Image credit (L-R): Eldines Hoo; Afifi Zulkifle

Kota Iskandar is the administrative centre of the state of Johor. As solemn as it may sound, this is where photographers can catch pretty pictures of spectacular buildings, like the Sultan Ismail Building, and Dato’ Jaafar Muhammad Building. There is also a captivating mosque – Kota Iskandar Mosque located in the administrative centre, as well as a stunning waterfront tourism plaza. 

10. Forest City

Looking for a place with both natural views and modern facilities? Check out Forest City, a man-made island and a smart and green futuristic city with vast sea views and clear blue skies. The Forest City Marina Hotels provide a serene oasis to guests, whether you want to lay on the beach, jog around the garden, play golf, or swim in the massive pool, this place has it all.

11. Jalan Tan Hiok Nee

Johor’s exquisite heritage and culture can be seen in their full glory at Jalan Tan Hiok Nee, a cultural street where you can experience the local culture. Here, you can participate in cultural events which are family-friendly like Chinese drum performances and more.

Don’t miss out on the beautiful lanterns and heritage buildings along the streets, and while you’re here, go on a food trail at the local hawker stalls and cafes. Some of the best eateries are Hiap Joo Bakery & Biscuit Factory, Flowers in the Window, and Salahuddin Bakery.

12. Spring Labs

Spring Labs is one of the prettiest attractions in Johor Bahru, a new retail concept park with all sorts of shops, from cafes to florists. This place looks almost like the parks in European countries with its colourful and trendy designs, even the 7-eleven store looks like a European food store! There is also a rainbowy Ferris Wheel replica here. Spring Labs is so enchanting that couples hold wedding ceremonies here from time to time! 

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So there you have it, a list of Instaworthy locations in Johor so stunning that you’ll surely fall in love with them. We hope you enjoy taking pictures at these gorgeous places to go in Johor and have a joyful vacation!

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