12 Best Bars and Clubs to Enjoy the Koh Samui Nightlife

Koh Samui Nightlife: 12 Best Places to Go for a Fun Party Night

Don’t think, party.

There are two sides to the tropical paradise of Koh Samui. During the day, it’s a fantasy island filled with incredible beaches for some delightful fun in the sun. When night descends, prepare to watch this jewel of Thailand transform into a colourful and electric party landscape. Are you ready to discover the best spots to enjoy the Koh Samui nightlife? Read on!

Koh Samui nightlife hubs you need to check out

1. Coco Tams

Leading the way with its fun, quirky name, Coco Tams is a beach bar in Bophut and a great place to experience Koh Samui nightlife. It’s situated just outside of the Wharf Samui, and is a fantastic place to chill for an evening by the sea. You’ll enjoy Coco Tams’ open-air setup and classic beach bar vibe. There are bean bags set up on the beach and swing seats up for grabs at the bar, alongside some cabanas. 

For those of you that partake in a little shisha every now and then, Coco Tams has plenty to go around. Feel free to drop by around 7pm if you can, because that’s when the fire shows begin.

2. Nikki Beach

Few places in the world dare lable themselves as the “sexiest place on Earth”. Fortunately, Nikki Beach in Koh Samui wears that title loudly, and proudly. This exclusive beach club is located at Lipa Noi on the western coast of Samui. It is undoubtedly one of the most trendy beach clubs that you can visit for an epic Koh Samui nightlife experience.

Nikki Beach offers huge buffets, life performances, and deliciously strong cocktails to help you get your buzz on, and then some. If you’re into being part of Koh Samui’s most trendy party scene, this should be your go-to!

3. Soi Green Mango

Located in Chaweng, Soi Green Mango is pretty much the party hub of Koh Samui nightlife. The word soi in Thai roughly translates to ‘side-street’, so be prepared to make your way through an entire collection of bars, clubs, and restaurants. Be sure to get your party on at the titular Green Mango Club, but not before stopping by a couple of other watering holes like the Sweet Soul Cafe, Mint Bar, or Hush Bar.

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4. Paris Follies Cabaret

While you’re in Chaweng, why not catch one of the most popular night shows in the area? After all, no visit to Thailand is truly complete without catching a cabaret show, and Paris Follies Cabaret is one of the best. There are three performances each night, and you’ll be able to admire the talents of the performers as they take to the stage in dazzling, glittering outfits. 

The theatrical spectacle of this cabaret show includes songs dedicated to almost every nation, backed up by an excellent sound and lighting system. Truly, this is one Koh Samui nightlife hub you won’t want to miss.

5. Karma Sutra Bar & Kitchen

Don’t let the name set off any red flags in your head, because the Karma Sutra is another incredible place to enjoy Koh Samui nightlife. This restobar in Bophut serves a variety of delicious Thai cuisine, alongside some amazing cocktails. There are also regular live musical performances for all guests to enjoy, with a different genre featured on every other day. 

6. Beach Republic Ocean Club

Make your way out to the Ocean Club for chill poolside dining and relaxed vibes. It sports a decidedly cool scene, with various international DJs regularly coming out to host events. There’s a diverse food menu for tapas and mains, alongside a colourful selection of wines and cocktails. A true beachside lounge experience doesn’t really need any more than that, and the Ocean Club delivers it all in spades.

7. SEEN Beach Club

Prepare for a Koh Samui nightlife spot that’ll take you back to the roaring 50’s! SEEN Beach Club is a retro-style joint on Chaweng Beach. Across the chequered floors, you’ll be able to plonk yourself down on many colourful cushioned seats, or just grab a drink from the swim-up bar. That’s right, you’ll want to have your summer body on lock for this place. 

Of course, the best part of SEEN is its gorgeous infinity pool, which extends right out to meet Chaweng beach. The food options range from sushi to pizza, alongside a host of amazing cocktails and top-shelf spirits. Without a doubt, SEEN is a Koh Samui party place that you need to experience at least once on your visit to the island.

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Best bars in Koh Samui to party the night away

8. Bar Ice

If you’re looking for a short respite from the tropical warmth of Koh Samui, turn the tables on your party quest at Bar Ice. This isn’t some sort of gimmicky nickname to draw people in, by the way. Literally almost everything in this bar is made out of solid ice, including the bar and drinking glasses. 

The temperature is maintained at a constant -7℃ so the bar doesn’t melt around you, making for an environment that’s quite literally chill. Don’t worry however, because the bar has a healthy supply of arctic-style coats and hats to ward off the cold. Of course, you could also just drink.

9. Samui Rock Bar

Contrary to what its name might suggest, the Samui Rock Bar doesn’t indulge in rock music, but has plenty of reggae vibes to spare. Built from reclaimed wood, it sits close to the famous Grandpa and Grandma Rocks at the southern tip of Lamai Bay. Here, you’ll be able to enjoy great sea views while sitting at low tables and taking in the Koh Samui nightlife. Rock Bar also has live performances from time to time, ranging from music to nightly fire dances. 

10. Woo Bar

Woo Bar is part of the incredibly stylish W Retreat Koh Samui, and another great spot to immerse yourself in Koh Samui nightlife. Its contemporary, luxurious style is further enhanced by the fact that Woo Bar directly faces the sea. There’s also a large outdoor deck, complete with a gorgeous swimming pool.

11. Shamrock Irish Pub

What more can we say? This is a little slice of Ireland that’s made its home in Koh Samui. Shamrock is a cozy little place with the dark wood and green décor that is synonymous with a classic Irish pub. Come in for a pint of Guinness, make new friends, and let the party go on all night long. 

12. On Street Bar

One of the more unique bars amidst the epic Koh Samui nightlife, On Street Bar boldly lives up to its name by simply being a bar, on the street. It’s a tiny little spot made from corrugated iron and recycled wood that’s painted in vibrant colours. On Street Bar’s size and simple design adds to its appeal of being a humble watering hole that still manages to serve up amazing drinks to visitors that come by.

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You’ve now been given a roadmap to the heart and soul of Koh Samui nightlife, so don’t let it go to waste! The next time you’re heading there, make sure that you’ve set aside your nights for a crazy amount of fun that’ll be totally unforgettable.

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