KAYAK Launches Desktop Escape App for Work-Weary Singaporeans

KAYAK Launches Desktop Escape App for Work-Weary Singaporeans

Kayak's Desktop Escape app is here to break the monotony of work and help you plan for your next trip!

What better way to pass this cold winter than to start planning your next holiday? We at KAYAK obviously spend a lot of time thinking about holiday planning, but we wanted to know about the rest of you – and our new research has revealed that lots of travellers in Singapore are dreaming of their next holiday escape while at their desks.

Results show that 55% of Singaporean travellers plan their trips during 9am – 6pm on weekdays, right within work hours. Throughout the workday, peak hours for travel searches occur in the hours just after lunch. A significant 18% of Singaporeans make travel searches between 1pm – 3pm right after returning to the office from their midday lunch breaks. Perhaps they’re inspired by their lunchtime conversations – or maybe they simply aren’t quite ready to return to the reality of work.

The research also reveals popular destinations that interest Singaporean travellers during work hours, with perennial favourites BangkokTaipei and Seoul among their top three choices**.

Now for the fun part – to give work-weary Singaporean travellers something to dream about, we at KAYAK have been hard at work cooking up a nifty new tool for you, and today we’re excited to announce Desktop Escape, a desktop app to inspire and help you get through the monotony of your work week. The free app provides stunning imagery from 90+ destinations across the world for users’ computer backgrounds, as well as highlighting how to book the cheapest flights to those destinations at the click of a button.

KAYAK Desktop Escape

Available for both PC and Mac users, the app highlights the cheapest flight options to the highlighted destinations with a simple click of a button. You can choose the frequency with which your background image refreshes based on your preferences, from hourly up to weekly inspiration – and by simply clicking the ‘Escape’ button you will be directed to the KAYAK.sg website where, in just a few clicks, you can get your dream holiday booked. Not only that, the app also provides helpful travel tips and suggestions to help you make the most of your adventures away.


The data and analysis are based on searches made for economy return flights on KAYAK.sg during search dates 1/1/2017 – 31/7/2018 for travel dates 1/1/2018 – 31/12/2018, compared with the corresponding period in the previous year (search dates 1/1/2016 – 31/7/2017 for travel dates 1/1/2017 – 31/12/2017)


Most popular travel destinations searched during regular working hours (9am – 6pm) on work days

Ranking Destination
1 Bangkok
2 Taipei
3 Seoul
4 Hong Kong
5 Tokyo
6 Bali
7 Kuala Lumpur
8 London
9 Osaka
10 Manila

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