13 Uniquely Singaporean Things We Bring on a Vacation

13 Uniquely Singaporean Things We Bring on a Vacation

Do you bring along axe oil, po chai pills, chilli sauce and instant noodles on your travels? Congrats, you are a true blue Singaporean traveller!

Believe it or not, there are some items we bring on holidays that define us as “Singaporean travellers”. More often than not, these items are also symbolic of our uniquely Singaporean traits such as always being prepared for the worst, “kiasuism”, and also our love for spicy food. If you find that you often pack all these 13 items into your suitcase, congratulations, you are a true blue Singaporean!

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1. Axe Brand Universal Oil

Image Credits: gyjm.tumblr.com

Don’t you dare leave for a trip without your trusty Axe Brand Universal Oil, also known as “Minyak Kapak”. Every Singaporean knows – as passed down from generations before – that this little bottle works wonders. Axe Brand Universal Oil is made from a mix of menthol, eucalyptus, camphor and other essential oils, and can be used to provide relief from nausea, stomachache, rheumatic pain and itch from insect bites, among many other ailments.

2. Po Chai pills

Image Credit: Platypus333

Another miracle-worker that is also a travel essential is the Po Chai pills. These tiny brown balls packed with herbal supplements can be used as a remedy for nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, indigestion and bloating. If you don’t already know, Po Chai pills can also be used to treat hangovers.

3. Panadol

Instead of navigating the jungle of paracetamol boxes in pharmacies worldwide and risking allergy reactions (been there, done that), Singaporeans tend to stick with their all-familiar Panadol. A strip of Panadol Extra, a strip of Panadol Cold Relief and a strip of Panadol Menstrual (for the ladies) is what you will find in our travel first-aid kit.

4. Mopiko

Nothing is more annoying than the itch from insect bites and when we are afflicted with this awful condition, Mopiko comes to our rescue. Mopiko brings the calm after the storm brought about by little pesky things like mosquitoes, bedbugs, bees, sandflies or even lice.

5. Salonpas

Image Credit: salonpas.us

The strips from your box of Salonpas are the first thing to whip out when your body is aching. Whether your aches are from a strenuous hike or a poor sleeping posture, good ol’ Salonpas will do the trick. If it’s not Salonpas that you keep in your travel bag, I bet it’s Tiger Balm.

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6. Wet wipes

Image Credit: redmart.com

We really can’t overdo being hygienic, and that’s why a few packets of wet wipes are in order. Even better if they are anti-bacterial.

7. Extra ziploc bags

Zipper storage bags are key to getting our luggage compartmentalised and organised, and bringing a few extra won’t hurt. In fact, these extra ziploc bags often come in handy.

8. Spare batteries

Nothing says “power!” more than batteries. What if you get lost on a hike, or stranded on an island alone, and your battery-operated torch is all you have for light? Thoughts of such unlikely unfortunate situations will spur you to bring more batteries than you will probably use.

9. Shopping bags

Image Credits: andrewarchy

With foldable shopping bags, you’ll have more room for your travel loots. If you’re planning to do plenty of shopping, these little shopping bags tend to come in handy!

10. Maggi or cup noodles

Image Credit: maggi.com.my

Image Credit: redmart.com 

Comfort food is always welcome while we’re travelling, and a bunch of Singaporean travellers tend to pack a few packets of instant noodles in their luggage. While trying out exotic cuisines around the world is an exciting affair, sometimes our taste buds just want to fall back on familiar tastes.

11. Milo sachets

Nope, you can’t change the Coke that comes with the McDonald’s meal to Milo… because you’re no longer in Singapore. If you really want your Milo fix, you have to either search high and low in huge supermarkets or bring some Milo sachets along!

12. Portable charger

Image Credit: 9to5mac.com

Granted, portable chargers don’t sound like something particularly “Singaporean” to bring. However, if you consider how emotionally connected many Singaporeans are to the internet and their phones, it is not too far-fetched to suggest the importance of the portable charger to a travelling Singaporean!

13. All sorts of chilli

Image Credit: Kevin

Ask any travelling Singaporean what they miss most about Singapore, and I can guarantee that at least half of them will mention “food”. Sometimes it is not just about food in Singapore per se, but rather the kick we get out of the spicy dishes found in Singapore. To be fully prepared to face the world for an extended period of time, Singaporeans who love spicy food will bring along either chili sauce, chilli flakes, a packet of chilli padi, sambal belacan, or even their mother’s homemade chilli paste along with them.

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Goodness, aren’t we all such aunties! What other “uniquely Singaporean” things do you bring on a vacation? Share it with me in the comments section below!


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