Visit This Doraemon Exhibition at the National Museum of Singapore

Doraemon-Themed Exhibition at the National Museum of Singapore — What You Need to Know

Meet 14 Doraemon figurines and step through the anywhere door!

Any fans of the adorable little robot cat, Doraemon? Well here’s something for you to look forward to — an exhibition titled Doraemon’s Time-Travelling Adventures will be held at the National Museum of Singapore. 

Details of the Doraemon exhibition

The Doraemon’s Time-Travelling Adventure exhibition at the National Museum of Singapore will run from 31 Oct 2020 to 27 Dec 2020. It will feature several iconic elements associated with the beloved Japanese icon.

Prior to the start of the exhibition, Doraemon figurines have already been placed outside the museum. There are a total of 14 statues placed on the lawn, including one beside the museum sign and another near the famous Anywhere Door. These statues of Doraemon are all from different time periods. 

If you are an ardent Doraemon fan, be sure to bring your cameras to the exhibition and snap as many photos with them as you can! 

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What’s more, visitors can also check out ultra-cool Doraemon gadgets from the future at the exhibition. From Doc-in-a-Box to the Shrink Ray, these gadgets are sure to get you reminiscing about your Doraemon-filled childhood. 

Admission to the Doraemon exhibition is free for Singapore citizens and permanent residents. For more information, visit their website

COVID-19 safety measures

The National Museum of Singapore said that they will disinfect and clean the exhibits regularly to ensure hygiene standards. Visitors will also have to refrain from touching the installations. 

Furthermore, spots for photo-taking will allow no more than five visitors or one household at a time. They will also have to maintain social distancing and good personal hygiene throughout their museum visit. 

With these safety measures in place, the trip back to your childhood through the Doraemon exhibition is sure to be a memorable one! 

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