Filming Locations From ‘Inventing Anna’ on Netflix That You Can Visit IRL

A Guide to ‘Inventing Anna’ Filming Locations You Can Visit IRL

Love her or hate her, you have to admit this girl had taste!

By now, you’ve probably seen (or at least, heard of) Inventing Anna on Netflix. It tells the story of an Instagram-legendary fake heiress, Anna Sorokin (aka Anna Delvey) as she conned her way into New York high society… and nearly got away with it. The miniseries also centres on Vivian Kent, whose character is based on the real-life investigative journalist, Jessica Pressler. 

The nine-episode adaptation was so popular that it scored the most hours viewed for a Netflix English-language series in a week! 

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While the show was set mainly in the Big Apple, it also took us to other destinations around the world. Hence, we’ve gathered up the best Inventing Anna filming locations, some of which were actually visited by the real-life Anna Sorokin! 

P.S. — We’ve narrowed it down to places that you can visit, too. Meaning, this doesn’t include the office buildings and other private/members-only establishments that were used in the show. 

Iconic Inventing Anna filming locations outside New York

1. La Mamounia – Marrakesh

In the sixth episode, we see the sketchy Anna take her friends on a whirlwind trip to Morocco that was supposed to be all-expenses-paid. Unfortunately for them, the exact opposite happened as Rachel Williams was forced to pick up the tab for their ultra-luxe accommodation! 

In case you’re curious, a four-person overnight stay at this Marrakesh hotel starts at د.م.31,000 (Moroccan dirhams) — approximately S$4,430! And that’s just for the least pricey rooms… 

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2. Jardin Majorelle – Marrakesh

Inventing Anna Netflix

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This gorgeous museum-villa appeared on Inventing Anna on Netflix as part of the group’s Morocco itinerary. Here, they incurred even more “unforeseen” expenses and money trouble. (Poor Rachel!) 

As mentioned in the show, it was founded by French painter Jacques Majorelle, while its last owner was the great Yves Saint Laurent. Surrounded by palm trees and cacti, the structures showcase a distinct shade called Majorelle Blue, which the founder especially trademarked.

3. Chateau Marmont – Los Angeles

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As the debt-triggered walls began to close in on Anna, she decided to flee across the country. And what place would better appeal to her discerning taste than La La Land? Of course, she picked the famous Chateau Marmont — because she can! After all, this West Hollywood hotel has long been a discreet safe haven for the rich and famous.

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Places visited by Anna Delvey in New York

4. Church Missions House

Ah yes, the building — otherwise called 281 Park Avenue South — that the faux German socialite could never have. You’ll find this historic Gothic landmark in the old-money Gramercy Park neighbourhood. At six storeys high, it features countless ornate details like stained glass and medieval-inspired columns. 

Only the exterior of the building appeared in the show, given that it was being renovated during the filming of Inventing Anna on Netflix. Now, it’s home to the NYC branch of Fotografiska, a Swedish photography museum.  

5. Storm King Art Center

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For a time, Anna became the protégée of Manhattan socialite and art patron, Nora Radford. She tags along to a fundraiser held at this outdoor sculpture museum in the Hudson Valley, just an hour and a half from the Big Apple. Here, Anna was able to further infiltrate high society, thanks to Nora’s many connections. 

6. Whitney Museum of American Art

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Another high-powered New Yorker that Anna charmed into becoming her mentor was real-estate lawyer, Alan Reed. In one scene, they paid a visit to the Whitney Museum to look for a better painting to replace the one Alan had in his office.

This stunning museum is best known for showcasing various twentieth-century and contemporary American art — especially works by living artists. Unlike what was shown in the miniseries, though, none of the paintings on display are for sale. 

7. Central Park

Inventing Anna Netflix

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With all the NYC attractions that appeared on Netflix’s Inventing Anna, of course, this famous 843-acre park in Manhattan had to be included! Here, Todd Spodek — Anna’s lawyer-slash-reluctant babysitter — ran into Catherine McCaw while walking around with his daughter. He tried to convince her against prosecuting Anna’s case, but this cutthroat assistant district attorney was clearly not going to budge. 

Central Park makes another appearance in a later episode, when journalist Vivian Kent met with someone who carried footage of Anna’s disastrous Morocco trip. 

8. Brooklyn Bridge Park

Inventing Anna Netflix

Image credit: Netflix

In one of the final scenes, Todd and Vivian, who unexpectedly became sort-of friends as the show progressed, meet up after Anna’s trial was over. They sat on a bench at the park’s Empire Fulton Ferry section — complete with a cityscape featuring the iconic Brooklyn Bridge. While it was never explicitly mentioned, it was quite obvious that these two felt an odd sympathy for the notorious young conwoman.

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Whether you love or hate Anna Delvey/Anna Sorokin, you can’t deny that the small-screen adaptation was quite intriguing. So, which of these filming locations from Inventing Anna on Netflix do you like best? We’d love to hear your thoughts on our Facebook page

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