12 Free Things to Do in Las Vegas if You Don't Want to Splurge

12 Things to Do in Las Vegas if You Don’t Want to Spend

The only thing you need to spend is your energy!

Free things to do in Las Vegas are an exciting way to explore what the Entertainment Capital of the World has to offer. Yes, while the abundance of casinos here is out to draw cash from tourists, there are also attractions one can enjoy without spending. Fortunately, most of these Las Vegas attractions are actually inside casinos. Make sure to visit them — but keep away from the blackjack table! Others are located in downtown spots that invite you to explore the rest of the city.

Ready to have a great (and less expensive) time?

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Free things to do in Las Vegas casinos

1. Watch the world-famous Fountains of Bellagio

Inarguably one of the most famous Las Vegas attractions there is, the extravagant Fountains of Bellagio always finds itself under the international spotlight. And how could it not? These musical fountains shoot out water as high as 460 feet in the air in each of its 1,214 water nozzles, over a span of an 8.5-acre lake in front of the Bellagio Luxury Hotel and Resort

Paired with 4,792 lights that shine in accord whenever there’s a show, and you have the most eye-catching spectacle right in the heart of Las Vegas. Since this grand fountain isn’t really hard to hide, visitors can enjoy its shows for free!

2. Smell the different flowers inside the Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

Travellers don’t need to be guests of the luxury hotel when visiting the Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens. This botanical garden hosts a whole palette of diverse colours thanks to seasonal flowers being featured on its planters. For this reason, the conservatory’s engineering and horticulture team change its presentations according to the four seasons, as well as on special occasions like Chinese New Year.

3. Rest easy with the animals at the Wildlife Habitat in Flamingo

free things to do in las vegas

Image credit: Tomás Del Coro

Should you need a refuge from the fast-paced things to do in Las Vegas, Wildlife Habitat inside the Flamingo Hotel and Casino might provide a bit of respite. This modest green lung in The Strip hosts a few man-made lakes and waterfalls for a relaxing ambience close to nature. This outdoor space is also home to a handful of exotic wildlife which will leave you captivated. Travellers can observe these animals being fed during the morning and afternoon.

4. Enjoy the architecture of the Forum Shops inside Caesars Palace

The Forum Shops inside Caesars Palace houses luxury boutiques by world-famous brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Versace, to name a few. While shopping here can be expensive, taking photos of the mall, inspired by Roman architecture, is absolutely free! If you’ve explored the entire mall, wait for the Fall of Atlantis fountain show. This animatronic show depicts the fall of the mythical city, complete with fireballs and talking statues!

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Things to do while roaming around Las Vegas

5. Celebrate Coca-Cola history in the Coca-Cola Store

things to do in las vegas

Image credit: Ben

If you relish all things soda, then it’s a must that you visit the two-storey Coca-Cola Store. Found on The Strip, this store can be spotted by the large glass Coke bottle installed outside the building. Coke enthusiasts can find Coca-Cola-themed merchandise like glasses, shirts, and bags that feature the iconic red and white logo. Coca-Cola from different parts of the world can be enjoyed too with a Taste of the World beverage tray. And if you’re a fan of their Christmas commercials, you can have a picture with the iconic Coca-Cola polar bear!

6. Sink your sweet tooth in Hershey’s Chocolate World

Chocolate lovers will find many things to do in Las Vegas that are straight out of their imagination. Hershey’s Chocolate World celebrates the iconic chocolate brand by being the sweetest store in town. Their most famous attraction is the Chocolate Tour, where guests ride a train that takes its passengers through the chocolate-making process while sampling a few treats from the store. Who knew that this decadent dream for people with sweet tooths is free in Vegas?

7. Check out expressive murals in Downtown Vegas

las vegas attractions

Image credit: Renee Grayson

The local art scene is also responsible for a handful of free Las Vegas attractions. Downtown Las Vegas is a canvas for artists who want to see their works exhibited on the facade of buildings. Many would travel down here to take photos of these intricate but vivid murals. Make sure to visit these often, as some of these murals change over time.

8. Be a part of the nightlife on Fremont Street

Another major area in Downtown Las Vegas, especially for entertainment, is Fremont Street. It is protected by an overhead canopy that features a ceiling installed with high-definition screens. Every night, these screens become a part of the Fremont Street Experience, where live acts play for crowds who happen to pass by. Apart from live entertainment, there are also a bunch of shops and betting stores that visitors can indulge in, albeit for a price.

9. Play pinball at the Pinball Hall of Fame

One of the most unique things to do in Las Vegas is to try your hand at pinball. The Pinball Hall of Fame collects numerous pinball machines throughout history to preserve these wonderful games for future generations. Most of the collected machines still work today, making this destination great for people who wish to revisit their childhoods in arcades of the old. While admission is free, playing is not. But don’t worry, it only costs a few quarters per game, with all of the profit going to charity.

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Famous things to do in Las Vegas for free

10. Get an appraisal inside the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop

There are a few things to do in Las Vegas that became famous through TV shows and films. One of the more iconic locations in recent memory is the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop featured heavily on History Channel’s hit show, Pawn Stars. True to the series, this pawn shop hosts an assortment of interesting trinkets and collectables that are worth checking out. And if you have something of value, maybe you’ll profit from a visit!

11. Take a day tour to the world-famous Hoover Dam

Image credit: Karl MPhotography via Canva Pro

Among the free things to do in Las Vegas, passing by Hoover Dam is possibly the most unmissable. Located between the state of Nevada and Arizona, its vast size alone is enough to convince anyone to visit the engineering achievement. True enough, this massive infrastructure attracts at least seven million tourists every year, coming in from different parts of the world. So if you’re spending a few days in Las Vegas, consider visiting this historic attraction. It’s free after all!

Note: If you’re bringing a car, you’ll have to pay a US$10 parking fee.

12. Take a souvenir photo of the famous Las Vegas Sign

Image credit: LPETTET via Canva Pro

You can’t really say that you went to Las Vegas without taking a photo of the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign! It is hard to imagine Sin City without this historic sign since locals and tourists consider it a part of Las Vegas itself. It has undergone a lot of developments to attract more tourists and more importantly, celebrate Las Vegas as one of the most fascinating and exciting cities in the United States.

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With the Entertainment Capital growing wider, there is still room for more free things to do in Las Vegas. It can be costly to visit, but with the character that this city possesses, Las Vegas is worth the penny. And should you make time to explore it, it will reward you with memorable jackpots without spending!

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