13 Taylor Swift Locations That Every Fan Should Visit

13 Destinations to Visit if You’re a Taylor Swift Fan

Experience a slice of T-Swift’s life, from teardrops to laughter sparks!

Taylor Swift has been paving a historical path in the music industry since she was 14 years old. With many record-breaking singles and continual album releases, the American singer-songwriter has earned the status of music icon. It’s no wonder she has also grown quite the loyal fanbase, many of whom flock to see her perform live — as seen in her ongoing The Eras Tour, which is arriving in Asia in early 2024.  

So, are you counting the days till her concerts in Japan and Singapore? Or are you simply looking to have a Taylor Swift-inspired vacation? Either way, I (a self-confessed Swiftie) have compiled a list of what we shall refer to as “Taylor Swift locations.” That way, you can better relate to her songs and maybe even acquire a deeper understanding of her life. 

The Swiftie destinations in this article fall under either of these categories: places she lived in and/or frequented; filming locations from her music videos; and places she referenced in her songs. So, read on to discover all the places that will leave you wonderstruck!

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Best Taylor Swift locations every Swiftie should visit

1. Cornelia Street – New York City, United States

cornelia street - taylor swift locations

Image credit (L-R): Marcy Miniano; Daniel X. O’Neil

Featured on her Lover album, the song Cornelia Street is a poignant reminder of Taylor Swift’s former home at 23 Cornelia Street. The pop superstar rented this apartment for a few months between 2016 and 2017. This residence is nestled in the picturesque Greenwich Village: one of the most desirable (and expensive) parts of New York City

In her song, Taylor Swift described Cornelia Street as one of the most personal songs on Lover. The lyrics talk about how she pleads to never let her love interest go, after having shared the ups and downs during the course of their relationship. That said, this street is definitely a must-visit spot for Swifties who want a glimpse of the artist’s past life!

P.S. — This apartment is currently on the market for US$17.9 million, and available for rent for US$45,000 per month.

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2. Oheka Castle – Huntington, New York, United States

oheka castle

Image credit: Joe Shlabotnik

One of the more iconic Taylor Swift music video locations has got to be Oheka Castle, located in Huntington, New York State. With its lavish architectural details and expansive outdoor gardens, it served as the perfect backdrop for her Blank Space MV.

Originally constructed in 1919 as one of the most prestigious wedding venues on Long Island, the castle has a total of 127 rooms. Fast forward to the present day, it is a hotel with 32 guest rooms and suites. It also remains a popular wedding venue for socialites, celebrities, and dignitaries. Not to mention, it has appeared in many photo shoots, TV series, and films. However, if you’re not planning an overnight stay here, you can still enjoy the bar, restaurant, and mansion tours this location offers. 

3. Tribeca – New York City, United States

tribeca - taylor swift locations

Image credit (L-R): Billy Wilson; Billy Wilson

Spending a staggering US$47 million on a few units here in Tribeca, New York City, Taylor Swift has resided here since 2018. The singer owns a duplex penthouse and half of the building’s second floor, making it a significant acquisition in music history. 

Built in 1882, this Tribeca loft has been home to a number of A-listers. This location has already become a well-known Swiftie destination, with numerous paparazzi snapshots capturing Swift’s departures from the property. 

Although you can’t exactly enter the apartment itself, you can always roam around the area of Tribeca. There, you can check out other tourist spots like the Ghostbusters Headquarters at Firehouse, Hook & Ladder Company 8. You can also see the oldest church in Tribeca that is St. Peter’s Roman Catholic Church. For the artistic souls, you can choose to wind down and admire artworks at the New York Art Center

4.  Pont des Arts – Paris, France

 Pont des Arts

Image credit: Jorge Láscar

If you are nursing a broken heart, you might find solace by watching the music video of the song: Begin Again. The song’s theme revolves around the experience of moving on from a difficult relationship and embarking on a first date after a painful breakup. It also highlights the vulnerability that accompanies this process.

The music video begins in the famous Pont des Arts in Paris. Built in 1804, the nine-arch pedestrian footbridge is perfect for couples wishing to memorialise their love. Lovers visit the bridge to attach padlocks emblazoned with initials and messages before throwing the locks’ keys into the Seine below. Likewise, if you and your partner are Taylor Swift fans, give this location a visit — and remember to lock in your love before you leave!

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5. Watch Hill – Rhode Island, United States

watch hill - tayylor swift locations

Image credit: Charlie Kellogg

Another among the Swiftie destinations to consider would be her residence in Watch Hill, Rhode Island — which sits atop a beautiful hill overlooking the shores. This property was acquired in 2013 at a cost of US$17.75 million

It was featured in Swift’s song, The Last Great American Dynasty, from her Folklore album. The song delves into the property’s history, narrating how Taylor bought it from a woman named Rebecca who had lived there previously. The lyrics portray Rebecca as “the maddest woman this town has ever seen” and “a middle-class divorcée,” providing an interesting glimpse into the home’s history before Taylor bought the house. 

6. The Taylor Swift Education Center – Nashville, Tennessee, United States

Not one to miss out on Taylor Swift’s inspired travels? Head over to The Taylor Swift Education Center at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, a must-visit for devoted Taylor Swift fans! Situated in Nashville, Tennessee, it features Swift’s wardrobe, guitars, photos from her record-breaking album, Speak Now, and many more!

There is also a space for exploration which features three classrooms, a video conference lab, and an interactive gallery. Open from 9am to 5pm, the education centre also has youth art installations, with programs that cater to fans of all ages. If you want to learn and experience the culture of country music, The Taylor Swift Education Center is for you!

7. San Camp – Kalahari Desert, Botswana

Did you know that Taylor Swift’s 2015 hit song, Wildest Dreams, was filmed in Botswana’s San Camp? Hard as it may be to believe, the footage includes stunning aerial views of the Kalahari Desert that Taylor and Scott Eastwood fly over in their two-seat airplane. Taylor is also seen walking across the crust of Makgadikgadi Salt Pan.

This eco-friendly luxury safari camp offers six tents and is open between April and October. It is run entirely on solar power, yet every comfort is attended to. Each of the 1940s canvas tents has a four-poster bed, luxurious sheets, paraffin lamps, and an en-suite bathroom. San Camp’s expert guides can also arrange most of the activities featured in the music video; from encounters with meerkats, zebras, and wildebeest, to stargazing and horseback riding. If you are an adventurous Swiftie, this vacation might be the one for you! 

8. Goddard Memorial State Park – Warwick, Rhode Island, United States

As Rhode Island’s most popular metropolitan park, the Goddard Memorial State Park attracts thousands of visitors every year. And yes, that includes Taylor Swift — who even posted some pictures of this park on her Instagram! So, fellow Swifties, this is the place to visit if you want to immerse in her world. 

This leisure spot offers a beautiful landscape with spacious lawns, fields, and forested areas with a variety of trees from all over the world. Visitors can make use of a nine-hole golf course, an equestrian show area, 18 miles of bridle trails, 355 picnic tables, 11 game fields, and a performing arts centre. 

9. The Bluebird Cafe – Nashville, Tennessee, United States

The Bluebird Cafe - taylor swift locations

Image credit: Ron Cogswell

In the early stages of Taylor Swift’s music career, she played at small gigs and seized every opportunity to showcase her talent to the public. The Bluebird Cafe in Nashville was one of the many venues. This cafe holds a special place in her heart as she performed there in 2005 at the tender age of 14. It was at this very venue that she invited an executive from Big Machine Records to witness her performance. Hence, the place marks the pivotal moment when she was first discovered by a record label.

To get a seat at this music club, you have to make a ticket reservation on their website. You can select your preferred day based on the featured singer of the day. As for the food and drinks, they have appetisers, entrées, desserts, a wide array of alcohols, and even non-alcoholic drinks!

10. Hercules Caves – Cape Spartel, Morocco

Vacation like you’re living in a Taylor Swift music video! Next up, we have Hercules Caves in Cape Spartel, Morocco. Claimed for its visuals that are unlike any of Taylor Swift’s other songs, Style begins with a silhouette of her face interspersed with her boyfriend standing on the shore outside the cave.

The cave has two openings, one to the sea and one to the land. The sea opening is known as “The Map of Africa.” Because of its beautiful landscape, it offers many photo and beach-cation opportunities, too. While Swifties are free to visit the Hercules Caves on their own, we recommend taking a guided tour in order to learn more about the legends and stories behind this amazing location.

11. Olympia Tea Room – Watch Hill, Rhode Island, United States

The Olympia Tea Room is a century-old, family-run restaurant offering stunning Rhode Island sunset views. Swift has dined here with various celebrity friends (and exes), including Ed Sheeran, Hailee Steinfield, Jessica Szohr, Jack Antonoff, Calvin Harris, and Tom Hiddleston. She is also a fan of the restaurant’s popular Avondale Swan: a pastry typically served with whipped cream and fudge. For wine lovers, The Olympia Tea Room offers award-winning wines by the glass, too!

12. Ella’s Food and Drink – Westerly, Rhode Island, United States

Roam the streets of Rhode Island and you will find Ella’s Food and Drink. This restaurant offers a menu that combines contemporary American, French, and Asian cuisines. They also have a strong commitment to using the freshest ingredients available on the market. 

The pop star has been spotted at this restaurant near her home, taking cooking classes with Lorde. During their time here, they prepared tuna tartare tacos, which happen to be Swift’s favourite. If you want to learn how to prepare her favourite dish, try taking a cooking class here. Now, that’s something you wouldn’t get to do at other Taylor Swift locations! 

13. McQuade’s Marketplace – Westerly, Rhode Island, United States

After your culinary adventure at Ella’s Fine Food and Drink, you can stop by McQuade’s Marketplace to stock up on your groceries. Here, you’ll find a diverse selection of fresh produce, pantry staples, deli items, and many more. Besides the regular supermarket items, McQuade Marketplace has quick meal options, hot food bars where you can pick and choose the ingredients you want, and salad bars! 

They also have a pick-up catering service and the Galley Restaurant, which serves up everything you need to start your day. For breakfast, they serve omelette, pancakes, to-go sandwiches, bagels, bacon, juices, and piping-hot coffee. For lunch, they have their famous fish and chips, meatball grinders, and juicy burgers. In fact, Swift has been seen here on numerous occasions, so keep an eye out for her when you do your grocery shopping!

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As a Swiftie myself, it feels like I’m part of an ever-evolving musical journey. It’s about growing up alongside her lyrics and melodies, celebrating life’s highs and navigating its lows through her songs. I fondly reminisce about the first Taylor Swift song that captured my heart: Love Story. From that moment on, I was hooked, and I’ve eagerly followed her career, watching her evolve from a country sweetheart to a pop sensation. I could never be more proud of her! 

Now that we have come to the end of our list, we “Swiftie-ly” hope that you will have a good time exploring these Taylor Swift locations. Here’s wishing you a safe trip, too! Let us know how much fun you had on our Facebook or Instagram page.

Featured image credit: Taylor Swift | Official YouTube Channel 

Facebook image credit (left): Neirfy via Canva Pro

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