Nightlife Businesses in Singapore to Reopen Under Pilot Scheme

25 Nightlife Businesses in Singapore to Reopen Under Pilot Scheme

Customers will have to present a negative COVID-19 test that was taken 24 hours prior to their exit time!

Aren’t we all looking forward to returning to Singapore’s vibrant and happening nightlife? From hitting high-spirited club scenes to singing our hearts out during Karaoke sessions — we miss it all! Well, we could look forward to doing this again very soon! Nightlife businesses in Singapore are set to reopen under a proposed pilot scheme.

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The Singapore Nightlife Business Association (SNBA) said on 9 Nov that 25 nightspots will re-open soon. This includes ten pubs and bars, ten karaoke lounges, and five nightclubs. The final decision on which establishment will be chosen for the pilot will be made by local authorities. 

This announcement also stated that apart from the limited vacancies, nightlife business operators will also have to follow COVID-19 safety measures. The pilot scheme is set to last for two to three months depending on the type of business. 

What are the safety measures?

Nightlife businesses in Singapore like nightclubs and karaoke lounges will only be open to residents and work pass holders. All customers entering will need a negative COVID-19 test 24-hours prior to the end of their activity at the establishment. Customers will most likely have to bear the cost of the test. 

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Additionally, operators have to make sure that all customers are wearing masks while on the dance floor of clubs or when singing. Camera surveillance and security, which are crucial to ensuring that protocols are followed, will have to be tightened.

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Furthermore, nightclubs that open under this scheme will have to limit their capacity to 100 people, who will further have to be divided into two zones. Each zone can only hold up to 50 people. While they may have separate dining and dancing areas, live performers and entertainers will not be permitted. 

What is the current status of nightlife businesses?

As of now, pubs and bars without food licenses, karaoke lounges, nightclubs, and discotheques have been closed for almost eight months. These nightlife spots remained closed despite restrictions gradually being eased since June. 

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The proposed pilot scheme is also limited to 25 nightlife businesses in Singapore that have to adhere to extremely stringent measures. Businesses that will not be a part of this scheme will be given financial grants. This is to urge them to either transform into food and beverage establishments or entirely exit the nightlife industry. 

The pilot will begin in January 2021 and will last for three months. This is to account for the time that operators will take to prepare from now till January. Furthermore, it also enables authorities to gauge whether it is safe for these high-risk nightspot venues to reopen. 

We certainly hope this pilot scheme helps nightlife businesses in Singapore overcome the devastating impacts of the pandemic. Are you excited by the possibility of resuming nightlife activities again? 


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