One Week Itinerary for Slovenia

One Week Itinerary for Slovenia

Heading to Slovenia? We have the perfect one-week itinerary for this beautiful European gem.

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Slovenia may not be a much-visited country in Europe—at least not compared to the bigger ones such as Italy and France—but it should be.

Home to mountain peaks wrapped in snow, a stunning Adriatic coastline, meandering rivers and vibrant towns, Slovenia is as varied a country as they come. It’s small, too, which makes it an ideal destination for a short one-week trip.

One week, it has to be said, won’t be enough to see everything Slovenia has to offer—that would take months—but it will allow you to get a feeling of the natural beauty and rustic charm that characterises this small country in southeastern Europe. Follow this one-week Slovenia itinerary to make the best out of your trip!

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Most people arrive in Slovenia in its capital city, Ljubljana. This old city is located on an ancient trade route that connects the Adriatic Sea with the Danube, a location that has caused the city to grow into the economic, cultural, educational and political heart of a region that has become the country of Slovenia. Ljubljana is often considered to be among the most livable cities in Europe and it’s easy to see why.

Its cityscape is dotted with green areas such as parks, gardens and tree-lined streets; the houses in the old city centre are painted in the most beautiful pastels; and it is impossible not to notice the progressive and lively atmosphere in the city. Although Ljubljana doesn’t have any major highlights, it makes for a wonderful introduction to Slovenia and its welcoming people. I would recommend spending two days in Slovenia’s capital before heading toward the Julian Alps.

Julian Alps

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The spectacular Julian Alps, in the north of the country, make up Slovenia’s most dramatic landscapes. With their soaring mountain peaks—iconic Mount Triglav is the highest one and of such national importance that it’s one of the country’s symbols—and flat glacial valleys, crystal-clear rivers and breathtaking lakes, the Julian Alps are arguably one of Europe’s most underrated destinations.

This region is home to Triglav National Park, a magnificent national park home to ski areas, stunning Lake Bohinj and towering mountains. I would recommended spending four days in the Bohinj area and taking part in outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling and kayaking in summer and skiing or snowboarding in winter—there’s an abundance of them.

On your last day in the Julian Alps, make your way to Lake Bled, probably Slovenia’s most famous destination, but, in my opinion, slightly overrated. Although Lake Bled’s beauty is undeniable, I believe that your time is much better spent around Lake Bohinj and in Triglav National Park.

Slovenian Istria

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After enjoying the overwhelming natural beauty of the Julian Alps, it’s time to wind down on the Adriatic Sea coast in Slovenian Istria. Slovenian Istria looks nothing like the mountain landscapes of Triglav National Park and Bohinj. Instead, it is home to pebble beaches, picture-perfect coastal towns, olive groves and rolling vineyards. This used to be a part of Italy and that influence is still clearly visible.

Spend one day in the pretty coastal town of Piran, set on a narrow and long peninsula, and relax with a glass of wine and a seafood dinner, while enjoying some people-watching.

This one-week itinerary for Slovenia makes for a well-filled, but very varied trip through one of Europe’s travel treasures. From the colorful charm of Ljubljana to the rugged Julian Alps to the coastal beauty of Slovenian Istria, this trip will be one that you will definitely tell your friends and family about.

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