A Different Side of India: 8 Beautiful Beaches to Explore

A Different Side of India: 8 Beautiful Beaches to Explore

Take some time off temple-hopping in India for a trip to the beach instead! From Goa to Kerala and Tamil Nadu, here are some of the most gorgeous beaches you can find in India.

Quick! When you think about India as a holiday destination, what comes to your mind? Most would probably answer: the gorgeous Taj Mahal, the colourful Holi festival, shopping in Mumbai, spicy foods abound and more… A tropical beach vacation hardly comes to mind. In fact, India’s coast is home to plenty of postcard-worthy beaches, most of which should most definitely be on your to-go list when it comes to having a balmy getaway! Here are some of the most spectacular beaches that incredible India has to offer:

1. Varkala Beach, Kerala

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Image credit: einalem

A unique feature of this beach would definitely be the dramatic cliffs that line the landscape, which is a rare sight along southern Kerala. If you’re a creature of modern comforts, then not to worry, as there are plenty of shops such as restaurants and bars in this region. Not to mention the fact that you can find numerous natural water spouts and spas along the cliffs for maximum relaxation!

2. Bheemunipatnam Beach, ‎Andhra Pradesh

Image credit: Ipiepora

Think: gorgeous beach meets Haw Par Villa (although definitely way less freaky). What’s unique about this beach is that out-of-this-world statues are scattered everywhere along its sands: from statues of Buddha to mermaids lounging on the rocks out at sea, get your cameras ready to snap lots of unique pictures of these mesmerising statues!

3. Mahabalipuram Beach, Tamil Nadu

Image credits: (left) DARSHAN SIMHA; (right) Liji Jinaraj

Not only is this the most popular beach in India’s east coast (check out that sunset!), Mahabalipuram Beach boasts a UNESCO World Heritage side right by its shores as well! Aptly named the Shore Temple, this architecture finds its roots all the way back from the 8th century, so it’s well worth the ticket price to check it out. And after all, it’s just by the beach, so why not?

4. Candolim Beach, Goa

Image credit: ojoswi

One of the longest beaches of the state, Candolim beach is the beach to be at for some peace and relaxation. Despite the main road nearby being packed with touristy shops and commercial activities, the beach itself offers a pocket of quiet. It’s perfect for having some good ol’ solidarity time, yet with urban comforts just a hop away.

5. Kovalam Beach, Kerala

india beautiful beaches

Image credit: Mehul Antani

One of the most beautiful and cleanest beaches in India, this beach has the additional bonus of having a picturesque lighthouse adorn its shores. This is a fantastic sunset spot, where you’ll be able to feast your eyes on a sky awash with red and gold, against the backdrop of swaying palm trees and the lighthouse that stands sentinel.

6. Puri Beach, Odisha

Image credit: Puri Waves

If you love sand art, then Puri Beach is definitely the place to visit. Renowned for its sand art, plenty of tourists visit this beach to check out the magnificent art lining this beach’s shores. Not only that, the annual Puri Beach Festival in November should totally be on your bucket list as well – have a ball of a time with delicious food, thrilling sports, and entertainment such as fashion shows!

7. Palolem Beach, Goa

india beautiful beaches

Image credit: Klaus Nahr

If you’re a beach bum, this is definitely one tourist hot spot that you gotta check out – with many amenities lining its shores, and actual beach huts for you to stay in, you won’t be leaving this beach for days! Just imagine: you, the swaying palm trees, the glistening waters, and watching the sun set over the horizon from your hut… Ahh, bliss.

8. Kala Pathar Beach, Andaman Island

india beautiful beaches

Image credit: Joseph Jayanth

Located at Havelock Island, this small but absolutely gorgeous beach is known for its aquamarine waters. This beach is less famous than its other island counterparts, a.k.a. free of tourist crowds, and is hence ideal for romantic walks with your lover.

With so many beaches to explore in India, the possibilities are endless! So the next time you’re thinking about having a getaway, why not make this beautiful country your next destinations? For more information, check out Incredible India’s website and Facebook page; and you’ll soon discover that along with the usual sights, there’s a whole other world just full of stunning beaches for you to explore.

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