India Places Boeing 737 Fleet Under Surveillance After MU5735 Plane Crash in China

India Places Boeing 737 Fleet Under Surveillance After MU5735 Plane Crash in China

Safety should always be of utmost priority.

India’s Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has put Indian airline carriers with Boeing 737 planes under “enhanced surveillance”, following the China Eastern Airlines accident

Currently, there are three Indian airlines that have a Boeing 737 fleet: Air India Express, SpiceJet, and Vistara. The DGCA will closely monitor these Indian 737 planes since they are the same make as the aircraft that recently suffered a horrible fate in China.

Arun Kumar, chief of the DGCA, told the Press Trust of India that flight safety is a “serious business,” and they are closely investigating the incident.

Boeing under heavy scrutiny

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In Mar 2019, the Indian government banned Boeing 737 Max planes after two controversial crashes of the model occurred within a six-month interval. The DGCA lifted this restriction two years later, after Boeing made the necessary aircraft software corrections.

A month before the recent tragic China Eastern Airlines crash, Netflix released an investigative documentary about Boeing. DOWNFALL: The Case Against Boeing featured a probe on the company’s priority of their supposedly capitalistic agenda over aviation safety.

Nonetheless, over 100 government customers maintain their trust in Boeing as a dependable aircraft manufacturer and service provider, according to the company’s website.

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Further updates on the China Eastern Airline crash

Boeing 737 fleet

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The Boeing 737-800 jet that crashed in Guangxi Province, China, carried 123 passengers and nine crew members on board. Eyewitnesses said the plane was in one piece when it suddenly took a sharp nosedive towards the mountains. The Chinese authorities confirmed that all passengers perished. After the incident, China Eastern Airlines has grounded its Boeing 737-800 fleet. 

The direct cause of the crash remains a mystery. However, it is worth noting that the crashed aircraft has been operating for more than six years.

The victims and their families are in our thoughts and prayers in this tragedy they are facing.

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