Explore Hong Kong Through the 360° Virtual Reality Tour

Explore Hong Kong Through the 360° Virtual Reality Tour!

An escape to Hong Kong might be closer than you think! The Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) has initiated “360° Hong Kong Moments”. Through the use of Virtual Reality, people from all around the world can explore the various parts of Hong Kong. 

This is an attempt by the HKTB to provide avid travellers with a taste of Hong Kong’s most unique sights to promote the country as a desirable destination. A preview of the film can be found on their channel.

The Virtual Reality tour of Hong Kong takes viewers on an immersive journey across Hong Kong’s green territories. From the visually aesthetic skyline to the picturesque mountains and waterfalls, viewers will be treated to some scintillating views. 

What sights will you be able to see as part of this tour?

The virtual reality film experience of Hong Kong entails a stimulating experience for the viewers. With vivid similarities to a real-life experience, this film features settings, rhythms, and sensations that are sure to have viewers resonated with the beauty of the country. 

Hong Kong is home to a world-famous UNESCO heritage site known as the Global Geopark. Viewers can see the beautiful beaches, coastlines, ancient formations, and cliffs of this area. When border restrictions are eased, visitors can even rent ferries and explore the various beaches and be up-close to the incredible rock formations. 

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As a part of the virtual reality film, viewers can also take a walk on the wild side of Hong Kong. The Eagle’s Nest Nature Trail takes viewers on a path consisting of extensive views of the Kowloon Reservoir, the central New Territories mountain range, and the Kowloon Peninsula. You can also treat your eyes to some of the country’s most exquisite flora and fauna!

What’s more, you can enjoy a scenic bike ride through cultural and recreation sites from Yuen Long to Butterfly Beach. You can also enjoy a refreshing swim in the clear waters or paddle along the surface of the cool sea. You can end your viewing experience with a dazzling display of the night sky, in a camp set-up under the stars. 

What’s a journey without a marvellous culinary experience? This virtual tour takes you through a wonderful celebration of food as you walk along the various sites. Be sure to note them down so you can delight your taste buds when you visit the country next!

A piece of adventure awaits you on land and water when you visit Hong Kong next and this film is sure to leave you wanting more! For more information about the Great Outdoors Hong Kong, visit their official website

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