Hong Kong Disneyland to Open the Castle of Magical Dreams

Hong Kong Disneyland to Open the Castle of Magical Dreams!

The castle is a reimagination of the Sleeping Beauty Castle!

Any fans of fairy tales and all things Disney out there? Here’s some exciting news for you: the Castle of Magical Dreams at Hong Kong Disneyland will open on 21 Nov 2020. The opening date marks its 15th anniversary. 

The Castle of Magical Dreams consists of creative elements and decor items that are reminiscent of their cherished tales. The princesses and queens featured include Tiana, Aurora, Ariel, Meria, Belle, Rapunzel, and more. 

Hong Kong Disneyland castle

Image credit: Hong Kong Disneyland

What are the design and decor elements of the castle?

The detailed elements of the castle strive to encapsulate the specific characteristics of each Disney heroine. The interpretations are according to the colours, icons, textures, ornamentation, and cultural features of the princesses. The interior structures of the castle, including the towers, turrets, and spires, are each unique to the Disney character. This is indeed a one of its kind addition to this theme park. 

To commemorate completing the Castle of Magical Dreams, the resort invited guests and cast members for a glimpse. They were asked to share their dreams and wishes on Magical Dream Cards, which were collected in a treasure chest. The chest was then lifted to the tallest tower in the castle

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Additionally, to learn about the castle’s transformation, guests can also visit the Building a Dream: The Magic Behind a Disney Castle exhibition. This glorious castle is surely going to be eye-catching as it will be the centrepiece of Hong Kong Disneyland! 

Special opening tour: “Glimpse into the Magic”

As a part of its opening, Disneyland is offering a Glimpse into the Magic tour from 21 Nov 2020. The tour allows the guests to visualise and appreciate the intricacies of the elements and the grandeur of the attraction. 

The opening of the Castle of Magical Dreams at Hong Kong Disneyland sounds enticing, doesn’t it? The appeal and beauty of the attraction truly make for an enchanting atmosphere. With the new Singapore-Hong Kong travel bubble in place, your next trip to the country does promise an added attraction for you to see! 

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