You Don't Need 3G Sim Card When Singapore Has Super Wifi

You Don’t Need 3G Sim Card When Singapore Has Super Wifi

Have you heard? Singapore’s newest super wifi will be out in November 2014. You will have Internet access even in the middle of the sea!

Forget about purchasing 3G SIM card the next time you travel to Singapore, there will be wifi even at the remotest corner of the island!

Singapore is taking another baby step to becoming the world’s first smart nation. Together with big countries like the United States and Britain, the tiny red dot is pioneering a move for super wifi – a technology that will make surfing in the middle of the sea at Sentosa possible, and walking atop the tree top at Gardens by the Bay quicker – by connecting with the free Wireless@SG service.

By exploiting the unused television broadcasting airwaves, in telecommunication language, is known as the “white spaces”, the signal is able to pierce through walls and obstacles, allowing the super wifi to travel further than any wifi or 3G.

This also means that fewer resources are used to build base stations that are needed to transmit and receive signals.

By November 2014, Singaporeans and tourists will be able to access wireless signals in hard-to-reach areas faster and more efficient, lessening their reliance on big-thicket 3G data plans.

Who knows, super wifi may even be made readily accessible in Sisters Islands!


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