The Akihabara SEGA Staff Says Goodbye as SEGA Tower 2 Closes

The Akihabara SEGA Staff Says Goodbye as SEGA Tower 2 Closes

Thanks for the memories, Sega Building 2!

Last August, it was announced that the iconic SEGA Akihabara Building 2 arcade would close on 30 August 2020. Sega had not disclosed the reason why, but we can speculate that the closure is mostly because of the economic damages brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The SEGA Building 2 has been among Akihabara’s landmarks since Sega established the red towers in 2003. Otaku geeks and gamers alike flocked to the high arcade to experience retro gaming with joystick games, crane machines, and shoot ‘em up consoles. Modern gamers could even get a good dose of some old school RPG for a little bit of nostalgic energy.

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Be that as it may, it was an end of an era last week as the Sega staff bid their farewell and said their thank yous to the public in Akihabara. According to witnesses and reports, all the Sega staff went outside to thank their supporters for their 17 years of patronage. Otaku fans were there to likewise thank the staff for their years of service and to bid one of their favourite gaming meccas goodbye. 

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It truly saddens us to see such an iconic gaming establishment close down in these trying times. As otaku fans, we’re hoping for brighter days for the otaku world. Anime and video games continue to be our source of comfort during the pandemic, and they deserve nothing less than our love and support even when their industry meets a roadblock. Keep your heads held high,  otaku fans!

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