Hong Kong is Calling! Deals for Hotels, Attractions & More

Hong Kong is Calling! Deals for Hotels, Attractions & More

Still contemplating whether to visit Hong Kong? Look no further, 2017 is the year to go.

From fresh dim sum to Ocean Park, these are just a couple of reasons that call out to travellers still unsure of whether to visit Hong Kong. But look no further as we have the perfect reason for you to visit Hong Kong this year!

To celebrate the establishment of the 20th anniversary of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR), visitors will enjoy a range of fantastic deals that airlines and attractions are participating in! Witness a different side of Hong Kong in this momentous milestone in their history, on the cheap. Let’s skip the formalities and dive into these deals, shall we?

HK$200-500 discount on flights to Hong Kong

Ranked the 4th best airlines in the world (accurate as of 2016), there’s no reason not to fly with Cathay Airlines. But wait! There’s more. The good news? Book online with promo code “HKSAR20A200” to receive HKD200 discount on Economy Class, and “HKSAR20A500” to receive HKD500 discount on Premium Economy/Business/First Class!

The deal only lasts from 1 April to 30 September 2017, so be sure to make your bookings quickly to get on these amazing deals!

HK$20 attraction fees & 20% off purchases

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Hong Kong is undoubtedly an expensive city – the high cost of living and the cramped living quarters show it all. As the saying goes “every penny saved is a penny earned” and we have the perfect way for you to do so. Introducing, the 20th Anniversary Coupon Booklets!

The booklets provide visitors smart deals that include 20% off specific purchases or HK$20 attraction tickets for those born in a particular month, free special souvenirs from various attractions.

Attractions include: Hong Kong Disneyland, Madame Tussauds, Ocean Park Hong Kong and more!

Grab your 20th Anniversary Coupon Booklets from Hong Kong International Airport, HKTB visitor centres and various hotels upon arrival, the deals are valid now till 31st October 2017!

Heard enough? Of course you have! The question is, if not now, then when? Get started on your planning to Hong Kong this year!

Find out more at Hong Kong Tourism Board’s website.

Information extracted from press release issued by Hong Kong Tourism Board

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