Hong Kong's First Capsule Hotel Charges By the Hour and is Absolutely Stylish

Hong Kong’s First Capsule Hotel Charges By the Hour and is Absolutely Stylish

It’s a breathing space within the suffocating environment in Hong Kong – brilliantly summed up by the co-founder of SLEEEP.

It’s tough to find accommodation that’s both comfortable and affordable. Somehow though, SLEEEP®, Hong Kong’s first capsule hotel, strikes the perfect balance for that. And the icing on the cake? This minimalistic space is absolutely snazzy. Comfort, style, and affordability, all roll-ed in one – snoozing can’t get any sweeter than this.

SLEEEP is a tech-inspired haven of tranquility, a new capsule hotel concept by homegrown spatial product developer Space is Ltd. It provides high quality, eco-friendly sleeping environments for guests on hourly or nightly rates, from their pilot location on 242 Queens Road Central, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, halfway along a staircase between Queen’s Road Central and Gough Street.

The capsules

The SLEEEP experience is centred on the patent-pending capsule – SLPer®. Each SLPer provides an intimate space to deliver exceptional quality sleep.  From the metal skin to the real wood lining inside; the rounded corners to the indirect lighting, every detail of the SLPer is designed for quality sleep.

Once inside, a guest would be enclosed by an innovative magnetic curtain that is quiet to operate and effective for privacy. The circadian lighting, active air supply and climate control are utilised based on scientific findings to give its occupants the highest quality sleep possible. The thoughtful comforts, minimalist aesthetics and subtle yet meaningful use of technology come together to deliver an affecting, efficient recharge, whenever one needs it.

The service

Upon booking on SLEEEP’s website for either an hourly or overnight stay, the guest would be able to pick their preferred mattress firmness, pillow type and blanket thickness. If guests pre-upload an image of their I.D., the check-in and out process is then but a simple, card-less interaction via a QR code sent to their mobile.

Laptops and devices can also be recharged at convenient charging ports available throughout the space. SLEEEP X.O.s (Experience Officers) are always available physically or virtually to provide further assistance as well.

SLEEEP sees sustainability as part of its mission. Its commitment to the environment is evident from the paperless operations, 100% LED lightings, the heat recovery system for the hot showers, the organic cotton towels and locally sourced amenity options. All that aside, the core service that SLEEEP provides is in itself an advocation for a more sustainable lifestyle on an individual level.

Limited time pay-as-you-wish promo!

During the launch period, SLEEEP® is offering its guests the opportunity to book without making a payment ahead of time, instead only to make a payment at the end of their SLEEEP experiences by paying what each guest deems it to be worth.  By doing so, SLEEEP aims to promote this new concept to a wider audience as well as letting more people rediscover the importance and true value of sleep in their personal and professional lives.


Information is extracted from Press Release by SLEEEP

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