Free Wifi in Japan? I’m in!

Free Wifi in Japan? I’m in!

Japan’s new system has made tourists all over the world VERY HAPPY. From 2016, visitors can enjoy free wifi at 45,000 different hotspots of Japan.

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Pack your bags, guys! It’s time to visit Japan. Besides its super cool high-speed trains and its mind blowing studio ghibli films, Japan has one more thing to add to its list of awesome. FREE WIFI. Yes, Japan has recently reported that foreigners may have access to free wifi for a total of 14 vacation days, or 336 hours!

Japan, if you’re trying to grab our attention, you’re doing it right! Unlike many lesser developed countries, most high-tech countries have wifi, but unfortunately, comes at a pretty high price.

With this special programme, tourists going to Japan can enjoy wifi with their free Wi-Fi card at 45,000 hotspots of eastern Japan including popular destinations like Tokyo, Mt Fuji, Nagano, Hokkaido and Fukushima.

Yes, free wifi up here.

Mt. Fuji

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And here.


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And you can really instantly Instagram this.


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And this!


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All you have to do is:

1. Present your passport at a Japanese airport upon arrival and get a free Wi-Fi card
2. Enter the ID and password given on the card
3. Enjoy free wifi anywhere you go!

The system is going to be fully available from next year onwards. Now we can all experience free wifi and stay connected while travelling!


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