Top 10 Spots for Breakfast in Tokyo

Top 10 Spots for Breakfast in Tokyo

Breakfast is an important meal in Japan!

Breakfast, as they say, is the staple meal of the day. Cafes may be in abundance in Tokyo, but what you really want to know are the best breakfast places to kick off your day at. From traditional breakfasts to IG-worthy morning meals in trendy cafes, here are the top ten places in Tokyo for brekkie! 

1. Eggcellent

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True to its name, Eggcellent serves up wonderful egg-centric brekkies for the morning crowd. Using only organic eggs, Eggcellent has the eggs delivered fresh from farms every day. Besides eggs, Eggcellent also serves pancakes, sandwiches, yoghurt, juice and smoothies for that wholesome meal. Situated in Roppongi, this cafe opens at 7 every morning so you definitely have plenty of time to grab your breakfast, whether you’re an early bird or not.

2. Trunk Kitchen

Image credit: Trunk Kitchen

Situated between Shibuya and Harajuku, Trunk Kitchen offers a variety of cuisines ranging from American to Japanese to French. The international palate served at Trunk Kitchen is what makes the cafe so enticing. What’s unique about this cafe is their dedication to support local farmers and producers by only using ingredients sold by them — this means that their meals are often healthy and nutritious! There are also gluten-free options in their menu so that everyone can have a taste of their food. If you fancy having beautiful views as you munch away on your breakfast, you can sit on their terrace and watch the world pass you by.

3. Shunsai

While the previous cafes were more Western-styled, Shunsai is the cafe of choice if you are craving for something more traditional. Located on the 25th floor of a skyscraper in Shibuya, Shunsai not only offers delectable traditional Japanese breakfast sets but also a sweeping view of the city as well.

4. Yaesu Hatsufuji

Furnished to resemble an old-fashioned restaurant, Yaesu Hatsufuji also offers a variety of traditional Japanese breakfast sets. If Shunsai is a bit too pricey for your liking, Yaesu Hatsufuji is a cheaper alternative that serves food just as delicious. If you’re not sure about what to order, fret not – there are food replicas for you to take reference from. 

5. Sarabeth’s Tokyo

Image credit: Sarabeth’s

Another pretty famous spot to have breakfast in is Sarabeth’s Tokyo. Sarabeth’s mouth-watering eggs benedicts, fluffy pancakes and buttery French toasts have customers queuing even before the store has opened for the day. Originally from New York, Sarabeth prides itself on providing the best gastronomic experience when it comes to brunch in Tokyo!

6. Buy Me Stand

Buy Me Stand is one cafe that stands out from the rest with its 1950s-inspired American decor. The aesthetic of the cafe comes as no surprise, seeing as it’s managed by a fashion store. Due to the popularity of the cafe, it can be hard to get seats at times and you might have to wait for a table to be freed up. Though this cafe is extremely Insta-worthy (you won’t be able to resist taking some photos for your feed), their sandwiches also deserve some love as it is just as tasty as the cafe is lovely.

7. Ivy Place

breakfast in tokyo

Image credit: Ivy Place

Though Ivy Place may serve typical breakfast fare like pancakes, eggs and coffee, they are no ordinary cafe. They function as a cafe in the day but turn into a bar at night! Customers who visit Ivy Place for their breakfast have nothing but high praises for their luscious pancakes, which can be enjoyed on their scenic garden terrace overlooking the nearby greenery. The cafe opens as early as 7, but they do not take reservations; so if you want to ensure you have a seat, make sure you get there early! After breakfast, you can even check out the nearby bookstore and boutiques

8. World Breakfast Allday

World Breakfast Allday delivers exactly what its name promises. Every two months, the cafe changes its menu to focus on the traditional breakfast of a specific country, so you’ll never know what to expect when you step into the cafe! The cafe even offers beverages from that specific cuisine, so you can tell the amount of research that went into curating the menu each month. World Breakfast Allday is definitely the place to go if you’re craving international cuisine.

9. Flippers

Image credit: Flippers

Flippers is best known for their souffle pancakes — watch them jiggle on the plate as they are being delivered to you! Flippers are able to achieve such fluffy and airy pancakes by baking them without moulds, which means even the edges are extremely soft. Just looking at a picture of their pancakes makes you drool! Flippers’s popularity has led them to open up multiple stores across the country, and even one overseas! Their pancakes are a must-try if you’re looking for a good breakfast in Japan.

10. Eggs n Things

breakfast in tokyo

Image credit: Eggs n Things

Who doesn’t love eggs in the morning? Eggs n Things offer just that — and more! Their menu can be divided into two categories: one detailing the various types of egg dishes you can order, and another that lists the various types of pancakes they serve. No matter what you decide to eat, the portions served are huge and definitely satisfying.

The decor of Eggs n Things are definitely noteworthy — as a cafe originating from Hawaii, they adopted the beach concept for their interior design. With wooden panels resembling beach huts and couches that resemble sun chairs, get ready to be transported away from contemporary Japan and into sunny Hawaii!

Breakfast in Tokyo can certainly be a decadent affair — with a long list of cafes to check out, you’re in for a treat!

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